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  1. RT @envinyon: These are the highest rated games on opencritic this year. >single player games don't fit in today's market fuck off https:…

  2. RT @DanNerdCubed: Elon Musk is doing an AMA and it's great.

  3. TFW #DiRT4 co-driver during triple crown rally says "Good result will let us into better championships"

  4. RT @VonKickass: P39 aircobra. Trying to use some water with the ink.

  5. RT @VG247: Despite the series being "decidedly anti-Nazi" for 20 years, some folks cried foul over a #Wolfenstein2 tweet.…

  6. Decided to go Fractal for my heatsink and exhaust fan replacements. Weee, man they were heavy compared to the aged…

  7. @dannyodwyer I need CPR after the ALLLLRIGHTY THEN question, holy shit my poor coffee. :D

  8. I like Fortnite BR quite a bit, doesn't help it is free! The big map active survival reminds me of Operation Flashp…

  9. However, if the light is good, the Z1 is great. Like this close-up.

  10. Chrono.GG has a Space Engineers sale, more notable indie game on sale on there.

  11. @SatWcomic Ooh, now i see it in the top bar. Interesting alternative to adverts. Memory usage is instant 180MB for…

  12. Bought the old Xperia Z1, didn't like any of the newer Sony phones beyond the C generation. God damn its screen is fun to use.

  13. What the flying fuck, The Crew 1... Wow...

  14. @theHunterCOTW 12/8 in tweet ? Its 12/9 today. :P Picture is correct at least.

  15. Xperia XA (not XA1, money) or a phone with removable battery (like LG K8 2017 or Moto C Plus) ... hmmmm...