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  1. Thanks Thomas, Appreciate the help.
  2. I also have the same issue. Been with you guys for awhile. There was a site to where you could check the location of your device and do a other things, I have no idea where it is. Thanks in advance for the help Pat
  3. Yes, thank you for that, I saw that in the change blog and I'm now using the stable edition, did an update, rebooted and all seems good. Pat
  4. Just want to report that everything is running good on the beta, no problems since installing that update. Pat
  5. Just tried the beta, and all seems good. I had been using GT500 fix, but when I went to turn on the beta, that box was empty, so I uninstalled and re installed the program, switched to the enable beta updates, then I updated it. Restarted and all seems fine now. My question is when can I turn off the beta updates and just use stable? When the permanent fix is released for this bug? Pat
  6. Well either way, if having a product where users has to run a cmd prompt in order to get their computer to stop freezing is not a good product. I think you missed my point in that original post. Also what do you consider modern versions of windows? is windows 10 or win 7 32 bit version not modern? Pat
  7. They still accept dos commands - IE Cd.. and so on Pat
  8. I don't think they want people who want to try it out or purchase it to install it, then it freezes and does not load at all after a reboot. Most users will just uninstall it and go elsewhere. I doubt they will search for some sort of fix and find themselves here learning that in order for them to run this, they will have to open some 1998 dos window to enable logging. Pat
  9. GT500 fix worked for me. I guess you have to send him a message to get instructions for the fix. I think this is just a temp fix. Also as others have said, enabling logging from the above post fixes is too. Hopefully they are working on a permanent fix for this and will update the this thread along with the other ones when they do. Also the pain with GT500's fix or at least for me is I had to startup in safemode to get that file in the directory, otherwise it was easy. Pat
  10. Yea, I wanna turn the debug logging off but afraid too...
  11. I just tried to do what you said, got as far as restarting and then it booted up fine and works. Tried restarting again and it worked with no error messages. Dunno if you still need the logs or not? Pat
  12. Well I tried to disable the firewall and reboot, Got the same issue. I just yesterday upgraded to the internet security from the regular anti-mailware. I for have resorted back to the regular anti-malware to fix this problem, unfortunately my license expires for this product in a day. Hopefully there is a fix by then. Been with you guys for 5 years and so far I have been virus free. You guys are great. Pat
  13. Yep same issue here, It installs fine, but upon reboot I just get the message Emisoft Protection is waiting for a component(service) to start, then after a few minutes I get the same messages as whats posted above. Pat
  14. I understand your frustration due to the lack of any concern from the supporters of this program. They created an update, that caused all these issues and left us to figure it out on our own. Having to hunt down a older version which was not easy, removing our current version, then running some batch file that did not even work for me. I had to restore my computer to an earlier date to fix my issues, others had luck with the older version install trick. Use this tool to remove your older version and then you can install again http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/7904-reinstalling-emsisoft-when-it-is-already-installed/ The link is in post number 2 Hope you figure it out Pat
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