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  1. got a C9 on restart and get a black screen for 30 seconds then i get the home screen but now cant get emsisoft to come pn
  2. had to add the ceton program files in the firewall and change it to (public networks) so it's back up and running just i don't know way it changed that day
  3. in the Activate Behavior blocker process : CetonTRIFSvc.exe Description : Enables Tuning Adapter support for Ceton infiniTV device Reputation : not verified this is the problem
  4. two days ago it stopped working have looked at the application rule and its on all allowed still blocking please help
  5. I have WIN 7 64bit htpc firewall blocks the cablecard turn off the firewall then it comes back on and is detected in ceton Diagnostics tool tv 6 tuner is ceton infinTV PCIe