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  1. Wow, it WORKS, OA asked me about the uninstaller! Thank you very much. I'll test Skyrim a bit later EDIT: Yes, it works: OA asked me about Skyrim after I removed it from the exceptions list! Thank you very much once again, problem solved!
  2. Thank you, I'm downloading the newest Beta through OA's interface... I hope it will solve the problem, I'll report back tomorrow!
  3. Didn't help, OA keeps doing the same thing when specific programs start EDIT: This time it "froze" when I started uninstalling the Autodesk 3DS Max 2013 FBX plug-in. The UAC dialogue popped up and I clicked 'Yes', and then OASrv.exe CPU usage jumped to 25% and it doesn't want to do anything until I restart the computer...
  4. Avast! Firewall disabled (unfortunately I can't uninstall it) and Win7 Service Pack 1 with all updates installed --> problem is still appearing. I just tried opening a file with QuickTime Player and OASrv.exe "froze" - again -, clicking on the notification icon won't do anything..
  5. Well, the funny thing is that it's not the FIREWALLS that conflict! There's nothing network-related in Skyrim's executable, I think. It's the program guard, and I'm pretty sure that avast!'s firewall won't stop OA from checking/opening TESV.exe. I have also unchecked going online to check whether a file is safe in OA's settings. And of course avast!'s firewall won't block OA from accessing the internet because it's set to allow every connection on every port from OA's components. Note: I haven't had such problems with OA and avast! IS since OA's latest update. Currently I'm downloading Windows 7 SP1. I don't know why it is necessary as I haven't had such problems with OA before, anyway it's worth a try. EDIT: In the first post I said OA freezes when I try to update it: it only freezes when OAsrv.exe has a 25% CPU usage - it's set to auto update and it's working.
  6. Hello! Of course, here you are: I'm using Online Armor Free on a 32-bit Windows 7 Professional without service packs [hu]. I am using OA along with avast! Internet Security (OA is excluded from avast!'s File Shield and avast! is excluded from OA's protection) The case when this happens: on some program starts. Mostly OA asks me what to do with certain programs, but for example, when I started Game Maker or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (TESV.exe), OA's CPU usage jumped to 25% (one full core on my CPU) and didn't give me any warnings. I tried to shut it down trough OA's interface but OAsrv.exe didn't close and when I started oaui.exe again, it just stayed there with a "Synchronizing" message. Each time this happens I have to restart the entire system because a "log off-log on" won't work. This hasn't happened when I was using OA version 5.x. Currently I have 4 exclusions (avast!, Intel drivers, Skyrim and Game Maker). I've got NVIDIA Graphic Drivers installed but I haven't experienced problems with drivers. I'm going to submit a bug report of course...
  7. Hi! I've never had such problems with Online Armor since today. When I started GameMaker 8.1, it didn't start and when I checked Task Manager, OASrv.exe was using 25% of my CPU (I have a Core i5 processor - 4 cores). Sometimes it asks for any unknown programs but sometimes not and it keeps hanging. What should I do? I have already reinstalled it and the problem is still present. I just tried to start GameMaker's uninstaller and the OASrv.exe CPU usage went to 25% again and it won't reduce, I have to restart the system to solve it (temporary!) NOTE: I can browse the internet etc. but if I try to start an unknown program (like a game that hasn't got a rule yet) OA won't ask me what to do and I can't do anything with it. NOTE #2: When I start updating OA from the UI, it freezes NOTE #3: OA can still ask me about some programs but it keeps using 25% of my CPU. Thank you very much in advance. Hanziness
  8. Oh, thank you very much! That's interesting.. I'll remove the entry from my OA Programs list in case it would be launched again, so I will be able to decide what to do with it.
  9. Hi everyone! I just ran an update from Photoshop, and there were 4 updates. I selected all of them, the Adobe Application Manager downloaded all of them, but at around 98% of the progress, Online Armor popped up with a file that "may be a virus or a dangerous program". I saw that it's digitally signed by Adobe, so the file may be legal and perhaps it's a false positive - I allowed it. Oh, this also happens when I try to start the Flash installer (FlashUtil[...].exe) So, is this a false positive?
  10. Thank you replying. I will install it soon, but it's a bit late to do things like this. Somewhy, now when I started my computer and thought OA will ask me about these programs, it didn't popped up. If it continues asking me, I will install the new version. And now all the three OAWatch.dll's are trusted and allowed. Looks like it could remember them Thank you once again.
  11. Hi! Online Armor asked me about 3 programs at startup - a week ago. After that question, at every startup, I get the same message - and the "First detected" date is always that time when Online Armor popped up with the message. Screenshot attached! What should I do? Oh, and there's another things that's strange: Online Armor has listed OAWatch.dll three times in it's Programs list. One of them is always set to "Ask". Why can't OA remember these things Oh, and the programs are legal, the first two is related to ATI, the rfpicon is my Joystick's executable, and now OA asked about a Java executable - somewhy -. Sorry for posting, I saw a similar topic but I didn't find any correct answer. Thank you!
  12. I'm running the 4.5 version of Online Armor, but when I last checked the website (online-armor.com), I saw that the latest version is 4.5 I think I let the current version do its job, I hope it won't wreck my system again... Oh and when I started my computer, at boot, before I could log in, a message appeared with the blue background: "Várjon..." - it means "Wait...". I had to wait about 5-6 seconds and then I could log in and everything loaded correctly. I hope this isn't a bad sign.
  13. Ok, I added each other to the exclusion lists. Thank you. I'll report back if anything strange happens.
  14. Good afternoon! I have recently installed Online Armor 4.5 Free on my computer - because of the Avast! problem... Now, on the third day, it "killed" itself, blocked lots of system files at startup, didn't let me allow things etc. - and Avast! Web Shield was turned off - it's module was disabled so I couldn't enable it... I had to reinstall both of them in safe mode and now - after 3 hours of waiting - they are working. I had a similar problem some weeks ago, when I started a program, a system crash occurred and Online Armor's User Interface didn't want to start, blocked everything I tried to start - including it's own executables. I checked my system with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Avast! and SUPERAntiSpyware but no results. When it started after reinstalling and activated itself, it didn't finish learning mode. I rebooted and it's working. Should I try to install the newest version of Online Armor (5.0) What could I do? I don't want to reinstall them 2-3 times a week. Thank you.
  15. Thank you for your quick reply I thought that Online Armor is sending the usage statistics to the server. I'll report this to AVAST! Software My current IP: The blocked IP: - the full address is: I will update Online Armor tomorrow, because it's a bit late. Again, thank you very much EDIT #1: I'm using Avast! 6 FREE
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