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  1. Okay, thanks again! My license unfortunately expired and I can't figure out where I bought it from, I've been looking, I thought it was through a reseller but I can't even find the email. I guess I could just buy a new one but I didn't get a lot of use out of the last one honestly. I ended up installing it a while back and got another crash. I was planning to try it again but I can only do the trial now so held off for now. Let me know if you hear anything, I've been using Comodo (which is great and free, so I'm not knocking it) but I miss the laid back simple yet very effective quality of EIS. I'll once again recreate my settings I suppose.
  2. Thanks, you've been great for sticking with it!
  3. Thanks, sorry for the delay, I had given up. I miss EIS a lot (which is what caused me to remember that I left this hanging). I think my subscription has pretty much run out at this point so I don't think I could use it anymore. Thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it very much nonetheless.
  4. I'm using it. I couldn't import my rules but I really like the new version. It still imports my settings fine but nothing on the rules unfortunately. I had to recreate my rules yet again. Haha
  5. I did try that to no avail. I just tried reinstalling EIS again and it STILL won't import saved rules... I've lost such a huge chunk of my license at this point.
  6. Yeah, I keep updated from the beta channel and the updates haven't fixed it as far as I can tell, I still can't import my backup. I've been having to use Bitdefender and Kaspersky and haven't had any crashing or restoring problems so I don't think it's my system in particular necessarily or I'd probably notice issues with other software I'd think? It's a huge bummer but I'll keep trying in hopes that something will work eventually. I miss behavior blocker so much, it's a really nice way to deal with traffic and actions and things. Haha
  7. I did that, still can't import backups. As much as I love it, I feel very unsafe since it has crashed. Guess I'll have to wait longer. I appreciate your help, I really do. I know things like this are trial and error.
  8. I woke up to this today: That's no fun. Haha. I guess I really shouldn't be using it right now. I keep trying to figure it'll work itself out because I want to use it but I'll wait for a few updates I guess. I uninstalled it and ran the app you linked:
  9. I did manage to get the error after I reinstalled and uninstalled again, not sure how helpful it will be though as I don't think it's directly related to the import problem. This error happens after I uninstall, right before it asks me to reboot:
  10. Sorry for the delay. Didn't see it and came back wondering if there were any updates on the issue? I actually have run it before, the only other software I use that does anything security or blocking ads besides EIS is AdGuard and I've uninstalled and disabled it and it made no difference, they seem to work great side by side so I'm not sure running that tool would really say anything helpful. I have Malwarebytes Anti-malware but I use it manually only, it doesn't run in the background. I keep a clean, low profile system so I can't imagine it's anything I'm doing since you could replicate it. I hope that doesn't sound rude, I just REALLY don't want to go through another reinstall until I can actually load up my saved config and not have to manually set it all up again.
  11. Hey again, Any chance you've gotten any word about it being worked on or anything? I severely missed EIS so reinstalled and have been rebuilding rules (exhausting haha) but it's just acting up now for whatever reason. I had an error when I last uninstalled (clicked through it too quickly, unfortunately) even. Anyway, today I paused protection to watch a video and then when I went to re-enable it, there were two icons in the tray as well as two processes running, one disabled and one enabled. Here's a screenshot, notice both the bottom right tray as well as the processes in the task manager. I've been having nothing but problems and I love EIS more than other suites, hands down. But it's become unusable for me and that's killing my license and forcing me to use other software that I'd really rather not.
  12. I don't want to be a pain or anything, I did end up having to grab another security suite along the way so it isn't like I have nothing I can use in the meantime. EIS is just my hands down favorite and I understand that nothing is 100% perfect all the time. Thanks for all that you all do, the support here is incredible so it's no wonder the product is as well.
  13. I really hope that I don't sound ungrateful or anything but I've been using another product while waiting for some sort of fix for this one and I really don't want to. I understand it takes time to fix things but I bought EIS (and am losing days on said purchase) because, to me, it is 100% second to none. I love it, the behavior blocker and detections are just incredible and I miss that simple, safe feeling! I suppose I can reinstall it and resetup all my rules but I had a lot configured...
  14. Thanks, I appreciate the help, look forward to hearing back on it!
  15. Rules is 208k and is 6,012 lines according to Crimson Editor. And no, I haven't edited anything.