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  1. Addition.txtFRST.txtscan_160210-114659.txt Here you are Kevin. Machine seems to be running fine but the scans are still picking up things and I do not have it connected to the network or Internet. It's completely isolated.
  2. AdwCleanerS1.txtFixlog.txtJRT.txt Thanks Kevin! Anything else? T
  3. Eliminating viruses on client laptop pc, i was unable to remove several instances of malware and was advised by the help window to seem Emsisoft's support. Most noticibly difficult to remove are " Wojam" and "Relevant Information." Farber and EEK files attached Thank You. T Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160209-132928.txt
  4. I have been installing Emsisoft Anti-Malware on client computers for several years with no issue. Recently on 3 separate un netorked PCs after an install I get an error message on first reboot that says "A major system problem is preventing Emsisoft Anti-Malware from protecting your computer..." I had a similar issue last year and was told by the Emsisoft Gurus to run a command at an elevated admin command prompt. that command was sc delete epp64 That fix is no longer working. Any ideas? files attached Oh, systems are 2 win 10 laptops and 1 win 7 desktop Addition.txt FRST.txt sca
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