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  1. We have made a workaround for the above mentioned incompatibility.

    If you are experiencing the above behavior, please try the following build (no need to uninstall first).


    HitmanPro.Alert 3.1.7 Build 357 PreRelease



    • Fixed incompatibility with Emsisoft Internet Security




    Please let me know if this update fixes the incompatibility.

    Yes, it works for me. Thanks and kudos for the quick response!

  2. Hi,


    After updating to the latest version of EIS it seems to have lost compatibility with Hitmanpro Alert. (Before the update everything was running perfectly fine)

    After restarting the pc, the UI of Emsisoft fails to load. Also some other programs fail to start up. 

    After uninstalling Hitmanpro Alert, everything runs fine again. (Just disabling all components in HMP alert didn't help)

    I'm running W10 X64. 




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