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  1. Glasswire as almost all firewall this day's use wfp because it has 0 cost of development and firewalls are nothing revolutionary that you will benefit from you making it on your own. Proof. Check the reply from Ken_GlassWire
  2. Exploit protection trigger when you launch hp recovery manager. No clue if it's something you need to fix or vbs scripts launching always give an exploit alert but just letting you know. http://i.imgur.com/fgJpIZn.png
  3. Yeah i know, i just wanted to see if it was only me that had this opinion. Sometimes until you share your idea you can't know if it's stupid or not.
  4. Ok this makes sense but shouldn't it remove them from gui if they are no longer physically present? It has no reason to show them if they don't exist. In theory it could track where it removed what and delete all matching detections. Should be possible to be done.
  5. Go here and click on send me a message button. http://support.emsisoft.com/user/18745-gt500/
  6. Can you check this video. He deleted every detected malware but a few stayed in the gui even after they were removed. If you watch the video for a few second you can see the malware is no longer present in the location. https://youtu.be/JoT2VDpmpGQ?t=254 Ps. Not my video. Thanks.
  7. If protection started again a few second later it was an update of Emsisoft to latest version. You were gone for a week and in the meantime they pushed an update so it makes sense it was that. To change notification settings go to the link below and select email for Notification method to use for replies to followed topics. Make sure you have selected thie exactly above the previous setting Auto follow topics I reply to. http://support.emsisoft.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=notifications It should look like this in the end
  8. Click the Emsisoft logo on the main gui.
  9. I personally thought you removed the version number and was searching to find it in settings for more time that i am proud to say. I also didn't figure out i could click the logo to get info so maybe put another sign next to ? to send you to about page. I didn't even notice i could dismiss the renew thing and assumed it was part of gui now which replaced version number. I also agree with stapp that this is a bad idea.
  10. Try the registry way then. Note i haven't tried it so backup your registry before changing anything in case something goes wrong. http://www.ghacks.net/2015/10/25/how-to-disable-windows-defender-in-windows-10-permanently/
  11. If you have windows 10 pro or above disable windows defender from group policy.
  12. Each user has lots of permissions. I want a button that when clicked it removes all permissions. So instead of clicking 16 times per user to remove all permissions i click once.
  13. Is it possible to have a button to remove or select all permissions of a user depending on current status? Will help users with multiple accounts that only want the admin to control the application. Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong forum for suggestions.
  14. I use the new version. Same issue as before, you need to exclude Chrome from monitoring if you want appcontainer. I assume the behaviour blocker and guard is to blame so you need to exclude it from everything(using second exclude box)
  15. Yeah store apps, Edge, etc. This is good news can't wait to see what they come up with.
  16. So when the devs fix the issue you will not have to exclude Chrome and Emsisoft will protect it even when in appcontainer mode?
  17. Info on why the issue paulderdash is happening are posted here. Sorry i didn't notice the topic before posting a new topic. Maybe you can merge them? http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/20259-compatibility-issue-with-rehips-and-info-on-the-issue/
  18. Directly from a rehips developer who checked the issue after a compatibility issue was reported to him. You call some dangerous functions in DllMain of a2framework.dll. MSDN https://msdn.microsoft.com/ru-ru/library/windows/desktop/ms682583(v=vs.85).aspx states and https://msdn.microsoft.com/ru-ru/library/windows/desktop/dn633971(v=vs.85).aspx#general_best_practices You call some dangerous API functions like GetFileVersionInfoSize and GetFileVersionInfo that call LoadLibraryEx and FreeLibrary thus acquiring loader lock. It may be OK by itself, but in conjunction with other software it may cause undesired effects like deadlocks.
  19. The devs of the other program found the issue and will be fixed in their next release so the 2 programs can be compatible. You can close this topic. Thanks for you guys help.
  20. So i installed a new programmed called rehips and Emsisoft AM gui is gone until i remove rehips. I allowed all executables from EM folder(a2cmd,a2guard,a2service,a2start,a2wizard,CommService). Anything else i missed that i have to allow? Program that has compatibility issue can be obtained from here. http://beta.re-hips.com/download/ReHIPSSetup.exe Thanks in advance.
  21. Thanks guys. I guess for now i trust more EAM than google experimental sandbox. We will see what happens when/if they push it as default.
  22. Chrome crashing with experimental AppContainerLockdown mode is on. When you disable EAM and also the service chrome launches again. Any way to make it compatible or the issue is injecting into chrome? EAM is on latest version and tried with both chrome stable and beta.
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