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  1. 1. I tend to agree about the AMD cpu's but I'm not up to date. It does seem that Intel has more issues. 2.In my case, I do not use any remote desktop connections and the bulk of my security is in our closet using a zywall usg security gateway with AV, IDP AND CONTENT PROTECTION AT THE FIREWALL. Also I have many creative FW rules to only allow protocols that I am aware of and nothing else. I use country GEO blocks, Trusted and unstrusted host sites with wildcards etc...It's very customized. The only thing I keep wondering about is if Cyren-Commtouch can be trusted for content protection in
  2. Thank you for the Win7 EOL info. I'm just a little surprised that Win 8.1 is also ending March 31, 2021, but the OS doesn't have much market share. I do have an unused Win 8.1 Pro license. I will prepare accordingly but I am quite certain that I will not build a Win10 system, perhaps Linux Mint or other Linux Enterprise version(will cost money) along side my Win7 set-up. Google and Apple are both in the process of degrading their Full unlimited Extensions to abbreviated Extensions that use much less lines of Code with less kernel or API access. Over my head to explain. The bottom line is tha
  3. I will change the update settings from stable to current version and will see if I can schedule a custom scan that keeps its settings and get back to you. As far as patching goes I am looking into 0Patch_com to obtain critical security patches. All of the reviews at askwoody_com have reported that they are reputable and offer lightweight patch protection only for the most serious security holes that occasionally do arise. Thanks
  4. Recently since delayed version update to 2019.11.1.9884 I noticed that when i went to run a scheduled custom scan of my external drive only that the scan was much too fast. Upon looking at the settings under "WHAT" TO SCAN THEN "CONFIGURE" that the scan was set up as a Quick Scan and not Custom which explained why the scan went so fast. Edit: I really don't know when this problem started because it was just coincidental that I went to run one of my existing custom scheduled scans just one day after the above update. Furthermore, after I reset all the custom "what to scan" settings I disc
  5. I can't adjust to spending more time getting what I quickly want from the All-In-One-Forensics Log. I was doing fine until the Delayed Update Option also started using the All-In-One-Forensics Log. Now I get livid when I have to deal with it and now I can't get my spouse to interpret the combined log so now I have to always do it. If several days pass between observations the effort it takes to get a clear picture going several days back is not acceptable especially when I was previously using a better method of individual log columns. This is for me EAM's first big Strike One, regardles
  6. Both Jeremy and GT500 have confirmed what I was pointing out! 1. I don't want to type anything. I don't like Drop-Down options unless they improve the interaction. In this case they degrade the interaction! prefer to click and move on quickly in each of the older style columns and only see info that pertains to one of the previous 6 log sections, and then occasionally the Forensics column was useful for a all in one historical check with a slightly different perspective to see if certain actions were interfering with other processes etc... I want every log column ready to go without
  7. Hello Once a day after manually updating I go to the Logs Tab, then starting from Right to Left with the Update tab then Quarantine etc.. to the Forensics tab, I very quickly check the top 2 or 3 entries in each section to see what happened since yesterday and it goes very fast and the results are concise. Lastly, I glance at the Forensics section to see if it confirms and very occasionally I will go through it's HX to check previous silent Browsing Blocks or other Historical events, but very seldom . This approach gives me great conformation and reassurance that all is in order and if n
  8. Just to let you know, the lsass.exe registry handle leak warnings that I was getting at the same time that I was getting some a2service.exe leaks on the Builds prior to 7014 were not related. I'm sure you knew that. Many people on the internet have searched and failed for an answer concerning lsass.exe. I spoke too soon after updating to EAM 7035 and was getting them again after tweaking and rebooting both of my machines. I had to get serious about how to frame my search criteria on google and finally hit pay-dirt. In my case both computers were using SSD's and the laptop's USB 3.0 backup driv
  9. Thanks GT and the Rest of the Team, my computers are doing well on the new Beta 7035. This ordeal was tough on me because I had just patched both of my computers with 5 months of Windows update patches just a few days before Build 7014 was released. So, between the previous registry leaks and then the problems with Build 7014 I have vowed never to wait so long in between Windows updates. In my case the issues has so many possibilities which caused me extra effort. I have learned my lesson. Thanks again for the feedback.
  10. I missed that Build 7035 was a Beta release. After looking at the list of issues that were addressed I did not see any evidence that addressed problems that can occur when trying to run other windows maintenance tasks at the same time a manual scan is initiated. Could you please consult with the team working on this matter if the fix is included in this beta or if the investigation is still ongoing. I noticed that another poster named Reerden recently sent in diagnostic logs concerning this very issue 12 hours ago about the same time the Beta release came out. I also read your reply to Reerden
  11. Thank You for the timely info. The problems are definitely related to .IO.IO input output errors as far as running Event Viewer/MMC Snap-In is concerned as there was an image that I included(several images) that I could not figure out how to attach or insert. I was tired and I don't blog much, I usually fix my own problems only with research. The problem is related to EAM not releasing the needed files to run various other tasks when it is running, especially during the starting phase of a manual scan. So, I have the following questions to GT500: 1. Dose EAM Build 7035 address this p
  12. ***If someone know an easy way to add the missing images I will get it done, Thanks The following article is about Misc. EAM Build Issues that can occur during a malware or full custom Scan at the beginning of the scan when EAM stall for a bit of time when the scan is just starting. I call it the "scan stall period". I have identified that if you open certain processes/tasks during this stall period these tasks will fail with error codes and all seem to be related to EAM not releasing (still in use) the processes for the user to use them. ***These errors are more easily
  13. Received the same error box as above and much more in the form of several problems. It's hard this time to know where to begin but I'm certain of my findings as I have been following this one particular issue about a Registry Handle Leak from EAM and also about 5 specific Registry Handle Leaks from lsass.exe after every re-boot for 2 months now. However, there were no side effects and the alerts were warning alerts not errors. My license is soon to expire and I wanted to get the handle leak from EAM Build 6970 fixed so I intended to perform a clean un-install then re-install (this
  14. Hello This could be helpful information. After updating to build EAM 6513 I checked various logs (routinely) and noticed 3 of the above titled log entries(under CodeIntegrity Logs) starting 2 minutes after the new build update finished. I have seen these entries sporadically (3 or 4 times a month) since 12-08-15. Also, per older complete memory dumps(1 month or older) the epp.sys driver was blamed by WhoCrashed Program. So about 4 weeks ago I did a clean uninstall of EAM and epp.sys driver and the Emet 5.2 program and then did a Net Framework Repair Tool repair with success. I ran it o
  15. Since my system crashed I have not seen the same previous aggressive move upward in a2service memory values so there could be an unknown mitigating factor that is no longer present. Therefore I am doing the following: *will update to latest stable build *getting rid of AMD's catalyst and switching to their new Radeon Crimson Control(does not use ccc.exe or mom.exe,never haved liked those processes). The switch went over without any snags. I used AMD's clean uninstall utility after regular uninstall. *If the problem with a2service's elevated memory values returns I will open a new thread or
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