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  1. Yes this is scary....Deleting a single infected file on a hard drive ....well that is a user choice. To delete a complete ZIP archive is pretty severe as users can loose considerable data that is irreversibly shredded - backups, MYOB, etc. However, users OST and PST files on the local hard drives typically hold years worth of data, whether you think they should, is a different matter... Fact is they do RIGHT...ha-ha Most Local PCs are not backed up and users rely on these archives types (ZIP, RAR, PST, whatever) more than they know - legal issue, proof of contract, etc. Users will invariably panic when a sign comes across saying VIRUS..MALWARE..INFECTED...and they just hit DELETE!!! Please change the default usage of the program to automatically quarantine these files..to let the users know that there is a serious problem and remove the DELETE Button from the menu especially for MAIL files. At the moment these type of files are only found in the CUSTOM Scan (usually all files) of the whole drive/s, rather than the MALWARE targeted directories and folders. Recovering from a severe Ransomware attack, taking 2 weeks is nothing, to the company losing all their mail for the last 10 years... Dramatic yes,.. But I have already had 2 users ask what does this message mean and should I delete the file?...so close!!! Alternatives: 1. Status Quo and not scan computers - not worth having AV Software 2. Local backup software for all 10 PCs / NAS - expensive incremental and /or continuous backup - uses considerable network resources during work time ...$$$ 3. Uninstall and find another provider. I have been advised by my board of directors to implement OPTION 3 if no other solution can be found within 5 days. This is terrible news since I personally, spent considerable time, effort and research in choosing EMSISOFT, however and I quote, "the risk is too great" Paul
  2. We were recently infected with a Ransomware Trojan that devastated our company. Fortunately after weeks of work and with Fabian's help (thank you again), we were able to recovery our data and restore our systems - We now have EMSISOFT anti-malware product which stops it dead in its tracks. However, we recently received an update, which during a FULL Custom scan (set one /week) NOW detects the virus within the Outlook Mail file (OST/PST) Great I thought - I recognised the virus name and so confidently DELETED the "infection" as a known VIRUS. Unfortunately, this deleted my three MAIL files & Archives .....OOPS! (fortunately I have a local backup from dealing with the infection above) However, I have had to go around the company and remove the CUSTOM scan ability to avoid everyone unwittingly deleting their respective mail files / archives/etc... My Question....is there a way to CLEAN the mail files?...perhaps delete the offended email, since you know which one has the infected attachment. I would strongly SUGGEST that this is resolved quickly or a priority fix is released...before others unwittingly do likewise. Fabian / Support: A direct email back with an update would be appreciated so I can test it around my company. Regards Paul Scan Results.zip
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