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  1. I tried again this evening and EAM is now working with a tray icon.
  2. Hi Arthur, I asked about the update because I set the update to stable on one of my PC last night. The device updated to and post boot no tray icon. Rebooted 2x andstill no tray icon....... Down graded to previous version which is correctly working. The PC is running windows 7 64 bit service pack 1. Not sure why there is an issue, possibly the downloaded software has not been updated? EAM did the install through an autmated update. Thanks, Jim
  3. Arthur. Where is the Emsisoft update located at? Apparently I missed something in one of the posts containing the location. Or have I misunderstood an update to Emsisoft has not been pushed/ available for download? Thanks, Jim
  4. Hi Yilee, The file once unzipped is a batch file. On windows 7 you should be able to download the file, reigh click on it and select extract. You can extract it in the download folder. Double clicking the extracted batch file should run it. I hope my comentary is of help to you. Jim
  5. Currently I am running windows 7 64 bit as an administrator. Hitman pro is not used or installed. Post boot after install of the tray icon was no longer available. Removal and reinstall of EAM was no help. Personally I as a customer am disapointed the issue was not discovered in QA testing.... I hope to see a repair (patch) soon. In the mean time I will down grade to an eariler working version.
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