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    DNSAPI.dll infected

    Hello kevin, I just knot know how to thank you for all your so precise instructions ! Following your advises ... and attached the file you request . Friendly yours Jean-Louis sfcdetails.txt
  2. jeanlouisdelay

    DNSAPI.dll infected

    Dear Kevin, Following your instruction, and attached the results . Let me know what you think about . Thanks Jean-Louis FRST.txt Search.txt
  3. jeanlouisdelay

    DNSAPI.dll infected

    Hello Kevin, Many many thanks for your prompt reply ! I did all your recommanded steps and you will find the requestes attachements . Let me know if I have to do some other action as the connection to servers (ie Googleearth - Steam - ... ) still do not function . Vaiting for further advices Jean-Louis Delay AdwCleanerS8.txt JRT.txt
  4. jeanlouisdelay

    DNSAPI.dll infected

    Hello everybody, I have an infection on my DNSAPI.dll . I have posted a topic on the french forum, and I was advised to post it again here . Thanks in advance for help Jean-Louis Delay scan_160411-110228.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Bonjour à tous, Mon antivirus Avast, EEK ainsi que adwcleaner me signalent que mon fichier DNSAPI.dll est infecté . Comme il est impossible de le supprimer, comment réparer ce fichier et supprimer le trojan qui s'y est installé ? Mon ordi fonctionne globalement normalement sauf pour certains accès à des servers internet ( Google Earth - Steam - logiciel météo pour Flight Sim - mise à jour en ligne de logiciel etc ) Mille merci d'avance pour votre assistance scan_160401-163510.txt AdwCleanerC6.txt JRT.txt