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  1. Charles again, its funny how a lot of people are viewing my topic but no comments. Remember we run a computer shop. We are having at least 3 COMPUTER RETURNS A DAY due to "Temporary profile is loading up". All different brands of pc's. We remove EAM and problem does not come back.
  2. Hi, I wanted to see if anyone is noticing a lot of profile errors in windows 7. We run a computer shop and noticed in the last month a lot of computers coming back with a corrrupted profile. Emsisoft anti-malware is on the pc's. I just installed windows 7 64bit fresh on 2 different pc's HP. All windows upates are installed. I had all programs done just needed to install a new copy of Emsisoft. Rebooted after Emsisoft install a BOOM-PROFILE ERROR. PLEASE HELP
  3. I now have 2 customers that have managed to get this message. I included pictures from both machines. They both opened Fedex emails.
  4. I have a customer that got hit with what looks like cryptoblocker. Could I please have someone connect to laptop and help look around to see if we can decrypt. Thanks Charles
  5. ================================================== Dump File : 022316-32541-01.dmp Crash Time : 2/23/2016 1:04:01 PM Bug Check String : KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Bug Check Code : 0x1000008e Parameter 1 : 0xc0000005 Parameter 2 : 0xb6e725a0 Parameter 3 : 0xac12182c Parameter 4 : 0x00000000 Caused By Driver : epp.sys Caused By Address : epp.sys+35a0 File Description : Product Name : Company : File Version : Processor : 32-bit Crash Address : epp.sys+35a0 Stack Address 1 : ntoskrnl.exe+2dac02 Stack Address 2 : ntoskrnl.exe+2dadef Stack Address 3 : ntoskrnl.exe+2274a9 Computer Name : Full Path : C:\Windows\Minidump\022316-32541-01.dmp Processors Count : 2 Major Version : 15 Minor Version : 7601 Dump File Size : 182,442 Dump File Time : 2/23/2016 1:04:42 PM ==================================================
  6. HI, We are noticing that almost every emsisoft antimalware install will cause a BSOD during install. It doesn't matter if it is a brand new windows install. all windows updates installed. Once the pc has rebooted after BSOD the install will finish. EPP.SYS IS IN THE BSOD. I am a reseller of your wonderful product.
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