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  1. Today when I attempted to open Chrome, multiple attempts failed when clicking both desktop icon and taskbar icon. After perhaps a half dozen attempts Chrome opened to the settings page and warned me to update or remove incompatible applications. The application is Emsisoft and Chrome indicated I should contact the administrator (me) to remove the application. Not totally surprised I had read that Chrome is going to stop allowing antivirus from screening Chrome. Thought it would begin in September but appears to have been activated today. Apparently both Edge and Chrome will no longer be covered by EAM browser protection.
  2. Installed newly released version BETA onto Windows 10 anniversary edition and with EAM active, it appears that OneDrive is blocked from signing in on standard user Microsoft account. If you refer to OneDrive notification icon on taskbar it will show that OneDrive is not signed in automatically. Uninstall BETA and return to using Windows Defender within Microsoft standard user account, OneDrive automatically signs in and is reflected as such on taskbar notifications.
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