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  1. Hi.... I'm already installing kasperky protection extension on my chrome & firefox browser... I want to know....it is ok to add emsisoft browser security to My chrome & firefox browser? nb : i use kaskpersky Internet security in my computer sorry for my bad english...thx
  2. Hi ...I have EAM licences that I ends in June 2018.... but I want to buy 2 new licences (from my local dealer) because it is in big promo for I use after my recent license ends in next year (juni 2018) and next 2 year (Juni 2019) .....It is safe not to activating at all my new licenses at all before my recent EAM licenses ends... I'm afraid my unused license expired....or uses by someone else .. and ho do I know my 2 new licenses is valid because i'm not activating it at all now.... before my recent license ends.... THX a lot....sorry for my Bad English.....
  3. Oh Oke.....JeremyNicoll ... so i should not worry about this issue.... Thx
  4. Hi , I'm Running EAM recent version with 1 year licenses (Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit..RAM 3 Gb)..and it's doing great & smoothly ... I just want to ask...when i open "eventvwr-windowslog-security" there is warning that say "audit failure" Code Integrity determined that the page hashes of an image file are not valid. The file could be improperly signed without page hashes or corrupt due to unauthorized modification. The invalid hashes could indicate a potential disk device error. File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files\EAM\a2hooks32.dll What is means exactly...thx alot sorry for my Bad English
  5. so, It is completely normal for EAM cannot be open "using Run As Administrator" from desktop? thx for your reply
  6. Hi, I want to ask, why If i open EAM (Free versions) from Desktop using regular way using double click or right click than choose open, EAM start normally. But if i open it using Right click than choose 'Run As Adiministrator' then pop up User Account control , when i click yes/ok and then theer is pop up window that said 'c:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2start.exe' in the below ' windows cannot acces the specified device, path or file . You may not have the appropriate permissions to acces the item' this thing not happen with other programs i have . What happen to EAM ? nb : i log in to windows as administrator THX ALOT
  7. Hi, I use MBAM Premium besides EAM, I just want to know one of the files that suggested by MBAM to exclude in other Anti Virus/Anti Malware is Mbam.sys in C:\\Windows\System32\drivers ( beside mbam.exe, mbamdor.exe, & other exe file in Malwarebytes folder that suggested to add to the Whitelist Process). My Question is : 1. when i exclude mbam.sys (and other sys or other extention if i need to) , do u suggested to make it a process exclusion or file exclusion ? 2. Why is that , if i want to add file in process exclusion , it only listing exe file ( but i can add file with other extention using file exclusion than after the the file is listed i click the dile button and changed the file to Prosess ) it mean process exclusion is suggested only for exe file not for other extention like sys , dll ? Forgive me for my BAD ENGLISH , i Hope you can understand what i mean THX ALOT GUYS
  8. "You will be told when you try to reinstall if there is an issue with leftovers from a previous install. The message will say something about a previous version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware already being installed." From your explanation , it is mean i only use (Running) emsiclean , if.... when i reinstalled EAM there is warning about previous version of EAM. And If there is not warning when i Reinstall EAM , i don't need to Running Emsiclean at all . THX ALOT
  9. Hi, I have plan to Uninstall EAM from my C drive (Because the free space is small and Emsisoft folder get bigger & bigger due to regular update) to Drive G, I have few question : 1. How do i Know that i need to download & run emsiclean program or not, after i normally uninstall EAM from control panel, is there any clue ? 2. Why is that in default EAM not giving any option to install to another drive other than c ( i know that i can install to another drive using commandline from cmd) . Is there any advantages if EAM installed On Drive C than other drive. Because as far as i know another Anti Malware (like MBAM) give option to install to another drive when it first install. Sorry for may bad grammar , THX
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