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  1. Everything is going well. Microsoft Edge is working right now. I had some problems with Avast (it does not let me go to internet when I used it) but right now, it is working perfectly and I can go surf on internet when Avast is working. Thanks you very much Elisa. Do you think that everything is finally fixed? David.
  2. Hello Elise, I did as you said. I attach the FRST report and the windows report (generated after the first step) files. thanks! David. CBS.log FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Hello Elise, thanks you for your answer. I send you attached the report of the result. Bests, David. Search.txt
  4. Hello, I send you the EEK and FRST reports. I does not have internet connection when I use Microsoft Edge (I am using Chrome right now). Otherwise, the computer goes well. Thanks you, David. FRST.txt FRST_Addition.txt EEK_scan_160330-225130.txt
  5. Hello, thanks for your answer. I send you the report after having deleted all the files defined. Bests, David. RKreport_SCN_03292016_21417.txt
  6. Good morning, indeed, there was an error on the FRST analysis. (I send you the report file of a new analysis that I have just done. The file results are FRST.txt and FRST_addition.txt Otherwise, I installed RogueKiller and I send you the report of the analysis. thanks you very much, bests, David. FRST.txt FRST_addition.txt RKreport_SCN_03262016_040619.txt
  7. Hello, Thanks you for opening again the thread. I checked with both software. EEK found some virus, and one of them was high importance. I did not do any actions. I will wait for your answer. Otherwise, Microsoft Edge is still not working (i am using chrome). On the other side, the computed is getting better from the first time I create the thread (1 month ago). thanks again for your support. Bests, David. report_EEK_scan_160322-222501.txt FRST.txt
  8. Thanks. I found it in the download folder. I send you the last file with the log of the results of FRST64. Bests, David. Fixlog.txt
  9. Hello, thanks you for opening the thread. i have a question about your answer: where i can find FRST64? you refered to this software but i do not know where download it. (I searched in my computer but I did not find it). By the way, I send you the results of the two first analysis. JRT.txt AdwCleanerC1.txt
  10. please help me! i send you all the documents! the first time i scanned with emergency kit i clicked on quaranteen. I did again and i send you the last report and the first one (before i send all the malware to the quaranteen) thanks you very much! Addition_04-03-2016_22-38-57.txt FRST_04-03-2016_22-38-57.txt scan_160304-223429.txt scan_160304-211158.txt
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