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  1. Hi Catprincess. It certaintly is a weird one. Yes I have put it back to runnormal and reset to runsafer and it has not made any difference at all. Have rechecked to make sure that I have highlighted the correct file for IE8 which is iexplore.exe. I will keep on looking to see if I can work it out. Regards Goolwa
  2. Hi CatPrincess do you have any other ideas how to fix this problem. IE8 set to RunSafer Mode but allowing connection to Microsoft updates. Know Green Border shown at all. Regards Goolwa
  3. Hi Catprincess, I am using Eset NOD32 and it is not excluded in OA. I know Eset uses a proxy so it has not been put in the exclusion list. Will do a bit more testing during the weekend when I have more time. Thanks for your help. Regards Goolwa
  4. Hi Cat princess, Thanks again for your reply. Maybe ebay.com was a bad example to give. I cannot see where it is listed in my list of trusted domains so I presume it is trusted by oasis. I started with a clean sheet and deleted all the browsing history files in IE8. Able to access ebay.com in normal mode. Deleted all files in IE8 put OA into Banking Mode and then tried accessing eBay. I was able to access eBay. I deleted all the browsing history files again in IE8 and shut down the browser and then reopened it again in Banking Mode and was unable to access eBay. I am getting conflicting results when I visit other sites which is making it more confusing than ever to me. I can understand that trusted and protected sites are accessible in Banking Mode but I am getting onflicting results which show some sites having access to the internet which are not trusted or protected in Banking Mode. Regards Goolwa
  5. Hi Catprincess, thank You for your reply. No I am not running IE8 in any kind of sandbox enviroment at all. It was working OK prior to the upgrade. Maybe Its just coincidence that two computers with early versions of OA have had installation problems. Hope we can solve the problem. Again thanks for your help. Regards Goolwa
  6. When using IE8 in Banking Mode for instance if you go into ebay.com.au it will not allow access. If you disable Banking Mode and refresh browser you will go to the ebay site. Now if you enable Banking Mode again and refresh browser it will still access ebay in Banking mode. Is this susposed to happen. Shouldn't be blocked. I know if you close down IE8 and reopen in IE8 Banking Mode in a new browser ebay site is blocked. Could they please make the Banking Mode icon much more brighter. It is to faint and to hard to see if it is on. I know when IE8 starts in Banking Mode ninemsn.com.au is always allowed. I presume it is to do with being an allowed site? Regards Goolwa
  7. Hi Catprincess, Thank You for your reply.I am able to access Windows update website with IE8 in runsafer mode. This computer is one of two which was updated from an early version of OA and to the current version. These two computers with the early version of OA I have had problems with installation. One I was able to fix.Seems unusual that two computers running earlier versions of OA have had installation problems. I updated another computer which was running a much older version of OA to the current version and have had know problems at all. I only have this computer with IE8 running in runsafer mode problem to fix know. I rechecked settings in Program\Options and iexplore.exe is highlighted to runsafer mode. I should have stated in previous post that the the computer is running XP Professional. SP3 Regards Goolwa
  8. I have just upgraded from an early version of OA to the latest version. IE8 and OutLook were operating in RunSafer mode with the green border in the earlier version. Since updating IE8 will not run in runsafer mode at all. OutLook will run in runsafer mode. Have checked in the program files to make sure the correct exe files are highlighted for runsafer mode. Have turned off "show colored border on programms set to runsafer" in Programs\Options and then turned back on. Has made know difference at all. Have reinstalled OA but has made know difference at all. Any ideas on how to fix the problem at all. Regards Goolwa
  9. Hi Catprincess, Thank you for your help. Is there any fix for Online Armor opening on the secondary monitor instead of the primary monitor first. I know it not a major problem but it a anoying problem when yo are using multiple monitors. Regards Goolwa
  10. Hi Catprincess, Thank you for your reply. Yes it is a multi-user license. Is there a fix to this problem. Regards Goolwa
  11. I complained last year about Online Armor would only open on my secodary monitor first and not the primary as it should. Once the GUI has being dragged across to the primary monitor it will open from then on the primary monitor. Is there any chance in fixing this problem at all. It is quite annoying. Another problem I have being having is in regard to Online Armor About Page. It states that my subscription expires in 291 days when my subscription is due shortly to be renewed. I have just renewed my license for 12 Months and it is telling me I have 652 days left on my license until it expires. Can you explain why it is doing this. Goolwa
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