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  1. Yes, like Avast. Thank you, Aura. I apologize for not finding that thread sooner. I will enable that feature. In that thread, someone mentioned a CLI option. Could one use a boot disk to boot to dos, and run a batch file? Does the CLI have real-time progress with user interaction? I will read up on the CLI interface.
  2. Yes, I mostly hibernate. I do shutdown from time to time when I 'feel' like it needs it, which is about once every two weeks. My desktop hibernates constantly, with a reboot only when necessary, or when applications demand it. I've not experienced any issues with this method. I am running Win7 Pro 32. EIS is at I could not find an 'About' anywhere in the GUI, so I found the version number from the executables. I like that the software is diligent about being up-to-date, but I think it would be nice if it could delay until the system was fully booted and/or not be a resource hog. I might be able to mess with the load order using the app from Sysinternals, but that would open a vulnerability; it needs to be first in, last out. Since it keeps itself up-to-date anyway, I don't feel that there is such an urgency to be current, that I have to have a poor experience. It's like a traffic jam where everyone wants to get through, but no one yields, and then it all just takes so much longer.
  3. Does EIS have anything like a boot-time scan. It would be nice to scan pre-windows.
  4. When I boot, usually from hibernation, EIS performs its definition update, and I experience a loss of control over the computer until it is finished. The process uses 60 to 100% of cpu resources. I have tried to set it's priority to low, but I see no difference. Does it need to be so aggressive with the updates?