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  1. Should be the default settings. See attached pdf, which has my screenshots. settings.pdf
  2. Scans came up clean, but a few minutes ago the Behavior Blocker & File Guard quarantined quite a bit of activity. FG_160413-135325.txt FG_160413-212146.txt
  3. Done. See attachment. I'll run a scan later tonight. Fixlog.txt
  4. Thanks much. As you can see from the logs, the only activity found was when the I used EEK to scan my D drive (log "scan_160411-215000"). It found two instances of Trojan.Script.657231. *I have not Quarantined the two files yet.* Please let me know how to proceed. -NB Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160411-214037.txt scan_160411-215000.txt
  5. Done. Crossing fingers. Fixlog.txt
  6. Still getting notifications about Gen:Trojan.Heur.GM.0064000022. See attached log. FG_160407-094114.txt
  7. One more interesting point. I have two accounts on my laptop, a general-use account and an admin account. I ran all the previous scans from the general use account, using the "Run as Administrator" option. However, I just ran a regular Emsisoft scan on the admin account, and it found six issues. I then ran JRT, Adware Cleaner, and the Emsisoft Emergency Kit - but none of them found anything. (See attached logs). Any thoughts would be very appreciated. AdwCleanerS3.txt JRT1.txt scan_160406-140339.txt AdwCleanerS3.txt JRT1.txt scan_160406-140339.txt scan_160406-153208.txt
  8. Hi Kevin - Done. Looks like FRST64 couldn't find the suspicious file. Weird. Best - Nathan Fixlog.txt
  9. One more piece of data....I'm still getting notifications about bad behavior, even after I followed your initial steps. See attached log. Thank you. BB_160406-102141.txt
  10. Many thanks Kevin - I followed your instructions. Reports are attached. Let me know what you think. Best - Nathan JRT.txt Fixlog.txt AdwCleanerC1.txt Quarantine.log AdwCleanerS1.txt
  11. Dear Emsisoft - Your software seems to be picking up some malware activity from my laptop. A normal scan doesn't pick anything up (see attached log), but several items have been automatically quarantined and blocked. There is no obvious impact on the functionality of my laptop. I apologize for not following your directions perfectly. You software did quite a bit of automatic activity before I found your forum post with the submission instructions. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer. Many thanks - Nathan FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_160403-224842.txt Quara
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