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  1. Thanks, I will do it this weekend.
  2. Yes ports are allowed, I have no issue connecting to the VPN server. The issue starts when I try to reach something on the remote network. So I get an address from the VPN server succesfully. But when I try to reach something on the remote network I have no response, only if I go to the Firawall and set the VPN adapter network from Private to Public and then back to Private.
  3. PPTP for testing purposes, and it works. But I have no chance to change my company VPN to L2TP or PPTP, it is OpenVPN - SSL/TSL
  4. Do you have any suggestion? May I send you logfiles to you?
  5. Unfortunately not. If I do this it removes Emsisoft NDIS packet filter from each and every network adapter.
  6. Disabling NDIS on the TAP adapter does not solve the problem. Any suggestion?
  7. Just found something in: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19580-vpn-l2tp-windows-10-problem/?hl=openvpn#entry144800 The Emsisoft NDIS packet filter should only be installed for your physical network adapter, and not for virtual network adapters such as VPN's or for virtualization software. ------------- But when I uninstall it removes from all network connections - so it seems like turning off the firewall. How to remove it only from virtual network adapters?
  8. Dear EmsiSoft, I have issues with using OpenVPN through EIS. The sypmtoms are the following: 1. I connect to the OpenVPN network and it does not seem to work 2. I need to go to Firewall and Manage networks and set the VPN network from Public to Private 3. It is clear and acceptable, I also set to New connections to be Private 4. This does not seems to work. 5. When I disconnect from OpenVPN and reconnect it shows Private but does not work. Example ping shows General failure. 6. I need to go to Firewall - Manage networks and set the VPN from Private to Public - OK - then go back
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