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  1. Will soon as it comes back I will get these logs
  2. All the OS s are Windows 7 Pro SP1 Screen automation/macro software on the PCs is no
  3. So far I have had this happen on seven different client computers at four different locations. All the same version. Had them all except for one reboot and that fixed it. I had one shut down protection then count to 30 then start Emsisoft by double clicking on the icon and that fixed it for that PC. Hope that this helps.
  4. Hello, The version is Thanks, Kelly W.
  5. Hello, I have this recently happening on several client computers. The Emsisoft screen suddenly will maximize itself from the system tray. I have the users either minimize or click on the X to close it out. Within 15-30 seconds the same thing will happen. You can keep doing this over and over with no relief until you reboot the computer then it is fine. This does not work especially when it is at a physician's clinic when they are trying to check patients in. How can I fix this? Thanks, Kelly W.