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  1. Started the laptop in safe mode. AdwCleaner does not open at all. I double click it and then open the task manager to see if it trying to open and AdwCleaner is not on the tasks list. JRT will open. The command prompt screen appears and says "Checking for update..." It was like this for an hour.
  2. Thank you for your instructions, Kevin. I am sorry for my late response. Is there a way to be notified when a reply is sent to my post? I installed AdwCleaner and when I click it to run I am asked if I want to allow the program to make changes. I click yes. The program does not open nor is the program even listed in the "Tasks Running" list. What does happen though, is another MyOsprotect64.dll window pops up. JRT also has been installed. Clicked on it to run and a Command/Prompt window appears with the text "Checking for Updates" and nothing occurs. The malware on my computer disa
  3. I followed the instructions on the "Announcement: Start here..." page. I downloaded both EEK and FRST files. I was unable to update EEK because I cannot connect to the internet. My network settings show that I am connected to my network with internet access, but internet access is unavailable. I ran an EEK Scan without the update. The scan log is attached. FRST will not scan because it wants to update as well. I am unable to send an FRST log. Please send further instructions if needed. EEK Scan.txt
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