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  1. Hello Elise, thanks for your reply. I made a full clone copy of the hard drive and decided to format it and reinstall the OS from scratch. I am following as well this topic on bleepingcomputer.com: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/608045/crypted-ransomware-nemucod-decrypttxt-support-and-help-topic/page-8 and it looks like the infection I am dealing with is the 7zip variant of Nemucod. I hope you guys will be able to find a way to create a new version of your decrypter that implements this new version of Nemucod. Wish you all the best.
  2. Hello Elise, thanks for your prompt reply. Here is the link to the scan results: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/f145dfac9e39a2643b2c6ce08416411c19b939397ad7dbe57ef0edb4529a322c/analysis/1461935259/ The name of the ransom note which is located on the desktop is: DECRYPT.txt It pops up automatically when you start the computer. The format of the encrypted files is: .crypted In case you need, I have available one original file and the relative encrypted version. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards. Patrick
  3. Hello, I am trying to get back files encrypted by Nemucod (.crypted extension files) but when I drop the two versions of the file ( encrypted and original ), I get the error "The decrypter could not determine a valid key for your system....." On another topic with the same issue I tried to reply but could not: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/20092-new-variant-of-nemucodcrypted-decrypter-not-working/ I saw in that Topic that Forum Veteran Elise was asking to the user dtwestoz to provide the dropper of the infection in order to verify if the decryption is possible or not. I think I did fi
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