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  1. Thanks so far you have been very responsive and given me a lot of information. One more question Then why can't your software find a decryption key. Maybe I am just using it incorrectly I am just running it as administrator from the desktop is that correct. The Dr. is willing to pay the ransom which is steep 3 Bit coins. She know she did a very stupid thing by opening the email and enabling the macros. But worse she has not checked her backup in over a year and it has not been successful in a while and shadow copy had been disabled by the virus. So as you can see this is a disaster if th
  2. Does this mean that if the ransom is paid we will still be unable to decrypt the files
  3. _HELP_instructions.bmp this file is the ranson note in a bmp here is the name of a file DB303AED06A80C42B194C9322305946A.locky hope you can help
  4. The decrypter could not determine a valid key for your system Tried to use decrypt_autolocky Virus was activated on one workstation (Windows 10) but infected files on the server Server 2008r2. Where do I run the decryption tool. Running it on server gives me the key file not found. I would like to run a test first to see what happens to the data. If some one could tell me where and how to look for the key file it would be helpful. I am working on a dental system and trying to unlock digital image files. Of course the locky disabled the shadow copies and the backup has not run
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