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  1. Hello, my files in local drive D are encrypted (these in C aren't). I went to id-ransomware and it says that my files are encrypted by CrypMic and there is no decryption tool. I attached an encrypted file and readme files in his folder. I'll be glad if you can help me to decrypt my files. Thanks in advance. file.rar
  2. That's why you have to read before asking... I'm feeling stupid now. This was the reason. Everything is ok now. Thanks again. You can lock the topic.
  3. Something strange happened. The decrypter didn't decrypt all files. But I don't have explanation why. For example: I have 10 photos in one folder, IMG_0001, IMG_0002... but only two of them are decrypted. They are from one source (my camera), in the same location and so... These photos are not so important, but it's strange situation.
  4. It's working! Thank you, Elise. You are goddess!
  5. Hello again, all the files have *.crypt extension after the original one. Example: filename.docx.crypt /it's the same with .jpg, .png, .xls, .pdf, .ppt/ This is the readme file: de_crypt_readme.bmp
  6. Hello, I have a problem with decrypting my files, they all have .crypt extension. I tried some decrypters, but didn't have luck with them. All of them didn't find a key.In every folder with decrypted files I have a de_crypt_readme.bmp saying that the files are encrypted with keys usind RSA4096. I attached you an encrypted file. I'm trying to decrypt my files from weeks and still nothing. I'm hoping that you can help. I tried to attach a detected file, but an error says that i'm not permitted to upload this kind of file. Thanks in advance.
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