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  1. Hi GT500, Thank you for your reply, and my apologies for the delay in mine! Although the problem was lasting for a couple of days already, it seems like everything resolved itself. This morning EIS updated automatically to the latest version and everything is back fully protected. I read there were some other users experiencing similar issues, so perhaps it took a couple of days before the fix patch reached my computer? Would you like me to run the diagnostics report anyway? Maybe it contains useful information for you to find the cause of these problems? It's the same for me, si
  2. Hi all, I'm experiencing more or less the same problems as JeremyNicoll in this topic. With the exception that even the manual update button does not work for me. Emsisoft Internet Security seems to constantly try to get updates, but is clearly failing to retrieve the update(s). I've tried putting of the SSL encryption in the Privacy tab, without any success though. Last succesful update was 30/4/16 9:39AM (UTC +2). Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance, Mako
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