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  1. PM'ed you the E-mail address I sent it from. Also going to add and message Claude Bader aswell. I've been too busy and just realised we only have a week left on the subscription.
  2. Could it be I was wrongly charged in 2018 if the loyalty discount was removed in November of 2018? I made my initial purchase on 06/06/2016 and the 2018 renewal was made on 10/09/2018 for 46.55 for 5 devices.
  3. Exactly when did the pricing model change and is there a article about the change? I also noticed my renewal in 2018 costed me 46.55 and I want to know if the pricing model has already change at that time or not. I took it from a saved page I have when I first bought the product.
  4. My 5 computer license for EAM is expiring in 30 days and I just noticed I don't see the loyalty discount anymore... Been with Emsisoft since 2016 06/06/2016 and at the renewal page it's showing me 46.66 USD, exactly the same when you buy it new.
  5. I just got a error that reads I can't wait 24 hours and I think what's causing that is the amount of time I'm changing hard drives.. I've been going through our drive checking the integrity of the files. EDIT: Luckily the test for 30 days option works... BUT! This problem is annoying. I change drives often since I can only hold 10 drives in my tower and we have way more than that for deep storage.
  6. I'm trying to open a couple of ports for a game and the settings are. Allow IN/OUT UDP PORT ALL I'm on a private network and the rule is above the 2 blocks on the bottom. I also opened up my local IP to DMZ and when I test the port I get "Connection Refused" on CanYouSeeMe.org and Closed on WhatsMyIP.org
  7. Not exactly sure when this started happening since we've been using Netflix more recently. Patch Internet recently meant no choice but to go back to Plex. I'm using and checking for updates yields nothing more.
  8. I can access it fine through BubbleUPnP but I can't on the Android Plex app and Android TV Plex app.
  9. The Beta that is now released as Stable fixed Plex!
  10. Looks like the latest release fixed it! It now works properly regardless if I have it set to All Blocked or Custom.
  11. Adobe CC 2015 doesn't seem to like being routed that way both online and offline. When I put it on "All Allowed" with the network disabled and enabled it starts in less than a minute and everything works fine, but when I do the Custom setting with instead of the local address, it starts in 3 - 5 minutes and they can't communicate with each other. Any ideas?
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