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  1. thsnks a lot for yr help! My PC now run smoothly but occasionally crash in Windows 8.1, need reboot. In fact, I want speed up my low-spec Tab (mine is not pc).
  2. Dear Sir Pls find the attached report. FRST.txt scan_160515-051958.txt
  3. Dear Sir Pls find the attachment, Tks! AdwCleanerC1.txt JRT.txt Fixlog.txt
  4. Hi Dear Sir, I found my pc is infected couple of days ago. After reading some posts in my favourite forum before reading this forum, learnt and followed the guidances. I use EEK to scan my pc, and quarantined the infected files. Also, I used FRST fix function to repair my pc. (pls find the log on 4th May, as attached). After applying the quarantining, the program told me that below malware cannot be quarantined, and need further pro assistance. Application.Toolbar under c:\Program Files\Conduit\CommunityAlerts\Alert.dll Now, once boot up my pc, the error msg pop up: R
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