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  1. I did get the email and thank you for checking into this and letting me know.
  2. Hello. What is core0.staticworld.net? I'm seeing quite a few entries in the surf protection log with that url in the detection column. Thank you.
  3. In my attempts to deal with the other problem described tin the threads abouyt slow boot, unable to connect to service, etc. I ended up uninstalling in safe mode and the reinstalling the product. As others have said, this did NOT fix that issue. However, reinstalling DID result in our home wifi network finally showing up in the firewall under manage networks. Whether it stays that way remains to be seen. Regarding the other problem, I did get the beta but did it under the full system. Your GUI won't open in safe mode (just a small window offering to scan) so couldn't do an update there with the beta option. Too soon to declare that problem fixed.
  4. Would someone please reset my license? I'm bogged down with the following threads involving uninstall/reinstall, restarts... and now hit this problem again. Thank you.
  5. OK. I won't be around much for a day or two, but I'll get it done. Thanks.
  6. Hello. Hello. We have 2 PCs, one old Win7 desktop and one brand new win10 laptop. Both have EIS 2017..5.0.7538. Both are connected to a home wifi network through a router. After setting up sharing options (not Homegroup), the two machines are unable to 'see' each other. I noticed that the EIS firewall on the Win10 machine recognizes that there is a wifi network, but the firewall on the win7 machine does not. Please see the attached images. The firewall rules on both are the same except on Win7 there is an extra rule to allow access to a NIST (Institute of Standards) time server in Colorado (allow UDP port 123 for NIST). If I turn off the firewall on Win7, everything works and the effect is immediate. Turn it on, and it breaks. Please advise. Thank you.
  7. In anticipation of my wife acquiring her own PC, I recently got a router and set the Win7 network type to Home. This triggered attempts to start Homegroup services, but the Listener fails with Error 2147023143. samspoker, are you seeing this error as well? I had the Windows Firewall disabled (services.msc). I started it, leaving EIS Firewall active, then tried the Listener again and it worked. Note that at this point the Windows Firewall is still STOPPED, but the service is running. I set its servicestartup type to AUTOMATIC for now. Ditto the Listener. I'd rather have an EIS-only solution to this, though.
  8. Thank you. The new HDD was installed 4/24 not 4/25 as originally stated.
  9. The last couple of weeks I've been seeing - frequently - the attached series of messages/dialog boxes. Since the first message makes it clear that your software couldn't reach some server on your end ("...check your internet connection..."), why doesn't that message simply offer a "Retry" option instead of shoving me into a "Change your License" dialog and, as I now realize, incrementing a counter with a limit? I'm doing a lot of restarts lately trying to speed up Win7 startups and, since this license issue happens so often, am now unable to open the GUI. An attempt to do so just throws msg 03 back up followed by the "mapping limit" box (which I didn't attach). I'm cursed with a slow connection, so perhaps you're giving up too easily? Trying too soon? Whatever- it's very tiresome. Thanks. Here's today's development. Same series as described above, but with Emsisoft morphing into the Freeware version. Closed and reopened the GUI, looked normal, but then a message saying the license is now expired (attachment 04). Note 748 days left on the license in one message, yet another saying expired. There have been no hardware changes since a new HDD on 4/25. Followed instructions on the expired message to enter correct license key and get mapping limit reached. I'm being sent in circles.
  10. Thank you. Yes, I meant keylogger. I've uninstalled Zemana's product for now. Win7 boot time seems reasonable (~35-40 sec), but logon to a user account is very slow. I'll pursue other troubleshooting tactics for that.
  11. Hello. I have no prior experience with Emsisoft products. I am currently running a trial of Internet Security V11 and have a question regarding its capabilities. Does this product have an antilogging component? I've been using Zemana AntiLogger for a while and want to know if I can remove it if I purchase a license for EIS. The only thing I've noticed since starting this trial is that Win7 (x64) startup and logon have slowed quite a bit. I tried disabling Zemana from startup but couldn't - "access denied". Thank you.
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