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  1. Hi Kevin, I had this problem discussed with a IT guy in my company. He advised me to format the laptop and get on with it. The important thing was to be able to recover/decrypt my files. As informed it is not possible I have no issues in Formatting it and will go ahead with it. I am grateful for your help and would like your advice on the best way to prevent this in future. I have the mail and the file that caused all the problem would you like to have a copy of that? Thank you once again.
  2. Hi, Please find attached. FRST.txt scan_160519-151417.txt
  3. Hi Kevin, Thank you for the help. Please find attached files as requested. AdwCleanerC2.txt fixlist.txt Fixlog.txt JRT.txt I am getting more mails from my account which are similar to the one I opened and it caused infection.
  4. HI, I opend a file sent to me from my own mail account, when i opend it all my files got encrypted. .locky extesnion. I tried and google some softwares and later discoverd EMISISOFT. Please let me know if i can decrypt the files locked. the files got uploaded to my one drive storage microsft account. Also how can i make sure PC's / devices connected to my one drive will not be affected. Thank you in advance. Files attached as requested. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160514-231531.txt
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