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  1. Hello, I'm very interested to know if EAM protect me enough against cryptocurrency mining malware ? I only find this old this old blog (October,11, 2017), but I don't know if since this date there are some changes ?
  2. Hi @Razz Again thanks. I can add "MVPS HOSTS" in µBlock Origin without subscribing...
  3. Hi @Razz Thanks for the explanations☺️ What is the difference between "MVPS HOSTS" and "MVPS Hosts (Domains)" ?
  4. Hello @Fabian Wosar I'm a French user of Emsisoft. My security is Emsisoft + NVT OSA + µBlock Origin + Emsisoft Browser Security + Malwarebyte Browser Security + LastPass. Please can you explain to me where I can find MVPS filter list in µBlock Origin parameters ? Thanks
  5. Thanks for your explanations and I apologize if this issue was yet known.
  6. Hello, I just noticed that Windows Security Center did not detect EIS firewall and there is a permanent alarm... Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello I don't know what is "AppContainer" in French but I use Chrome default settings with EIS default settings without any problem.
  8. Hello, Thanks for your help. This problem occurs on two of my PC. Sunday I clean these two PC with Revo uninstaller Pro and after that EIS works fine on these two PC. Do you want nevertheless a FRST of these two PC ?
  9. Hello, I hope that the problem is definitively solved after using Revo Uninstaller Pro. Thanks to MalwareTips community help
  10. Hello, I have again the same problem I try uninstall and reinstall but the problem continues. What can I do ? Thanks.
  11. Hello Problem solved after uninstalling EIS with Emsi Clean and reinstalling.
  12. Hello EIS crashed on my PC, GUI blocked. I reboot my PC and then EIS program has disappeared, no tray icon, not in the start menu, but I can see it on task panel. Can you help me ? Thanks.
  13. My question is only to know if EIS will work whitout problem with the new Windows Redstone (anounced in August).