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  1. Hello, Thanks. After contacting Emsisoft support, my problem was solved and the auto-renewal was cancelled.
  2. Hello Thanks @marko I cannot view the end date on my GUI... Thanks @JeremyNicoll You are right, this kind of "politic" is difficult to understand ! Thanks @CraigNZ I cannot find your way for disable automatic renewal, can you post please a screen shot ?
  3. Hello, Where can I find the end date of my license ? Thanks
  4. Thanks @stapp and @GT500 for your explanations. So I will continue to use this old laptop only without Internet connection.
  5. Hello I have an old but very useful laptop runing with Windows XP. My question is to know if EAM is fully compatible with Windows XP ?
  6. Hello Thanks @JeremyNicoll and @GT500 for your explanations.
  7. Hello @GT500 Perhaps I can send the debug logs ?
  8. Hi @marko I'm pleased that you appreciate my English 😉
  9. Hello Oui, Yes, @marko you are right. Your French is very good ! Merci beaucoup, thank you very much !
  10. Thanks @GT500 for the informations and for the link.
  11. Hi @GT500 I don't think, or it was involuntary.
  12. Hello, Here it is another anomaly: ""Licence management" "no associated license" with your user account.............................."
  13. Hello @marko You are right ! Well done !
  14. Thank youvery much @JeremyNicoll 👍 French is back 😉 I also don't know the reason of this change ? perhaps an involuntary click ?
  15. Hello, Today my EAM GUI is in English and not in French as previously 😲 Can you help me ? Thanks
  16. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place for posting this topic. On the new Cloud Console I noticed 2 translation errors. "Ce" Ordinateur is not correct ; "Cet" ordinateur is exact. "Mode sourdine" is not correct; more accurate is "Mode silencieux" I hope this can help.
  17. Hello @GT500 Thanks for your help. That's right I have only used 2 seats, so why it appears "3 of 3 seats used" ?
  18. Hello, I just checked "My Emsisoft" and I saw that my 3 licenses are used. I don't understand because EAM is installed only on 2 PC😕 Can you help me ?
  19. Hi @GT500 Thanks for these explanations.
  20. Hello @GT500 Tanks for your help. On the previous Jareth' blog I read that "No Coin" browser extension is very helpful. Is this still true ?
  21. Hello, I'm very interested to know if EAM protect me enough against cryptocurrency mining malware ? I only find this old this old blog (October,11, 2017) https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/28817/cryptocurrency-mining-malware/, but I don't know if since this date there are some changes ?
  22. Hi @Razz Again thanks. I can add "MVPS HOSTS" in µBlock Origin without subscribing...
  23. Hi @Razz Thanks for the explanations☺️ What is the difference between "MVPS HOSTS" and "MVPS Hosts (Domains)" ?
  24. Hello @Fabian Wosar I'm a French user of Emsisoft. My security is Emsisoft + NVT OSA + µBlock Origin + Emsisoft Browser Security + Malwarebyte Browser Security + LastPass. Please can you explain to me where I can find MVPS filter list in µBlock Origin parameters ? Thanks
  25. Thanks for your explanations and I apologize if this issue was yet known.
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