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  1. Hello, I just noticed that Windows Security Center did not detect EIS firewall and there is a permanent alarm... Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello I don't know what is "AppContainer" in French but I use Chrome default settings with EIS default settings without any problem.
  3. Hello, Thanks for your help. This problem occurs on two of my PC. Sunday I clean these two PC with Revo uninstaller Pro and after that EIS works fine on these two PC. Do you want nevertheless a FRST of these two PC ?
  4. Hello, I hope that the problem is definitively solved after using Revo Uninstaller Pro. Thanks to MalwareTips community help
  5. Hello, I have again the same problem I try uninstall and reinstall but the problem continues. What can I do ? Thanks.
  6. Hello Problem solved after uninstalling EIS with Emsi Clean and reinstalling.
  7. Hello EIS crashed on my PC, GUI blocked. I reboot my PC and then EIS program has disappeared, no tray icon, not in the start menu, but I can see it on task panel. Can you help me ? Thanks.
  8. My question is only to know if EIS will work whitout problem with the new Windows Redstone (anounced in August).
  9. Hello, Windows Redstone is coming soon. What about the EIS compatibility with Redstone ?
  10. Hello I have solved the problem, after uninstalling EIS, restart, CCleaner, restart, reinstall , EIS works again very well
  11. Hello I think that I have the same problem, I'm whitout protection The message says : "A major problem prevents the application startup EIS can not connect to the application service. Restart the PC and try again or contact the support." Can you help me?
  12. Hello GT500 Thanks. Today EIS automatically upgrade to version and then the Tray Icon works fine. So for the moment I didn't try to run FRST fix in Sfe Mode with Networking. I hope that this problem is definitively fixed.
  13. Hello Today I try to uninstall and reinstall EIS pas the Tray Icon isuue continues
  14. Hello GT500 I trys to run FRST with your fixlist but it fails twice, first time I wait 2 hours ! ans second time I wait 40 minutes ! I attach screen shots and Fixlog. And now another problem, the tray icon is grey ! What can I do ? Fixlog.txt
  15. Hello GT500 Thanks, I'm out of home for work and I cannot access my home PC before Saturday. I try your solution ASAP.
  16. Last news, bad news ; after 5 - 6 hours the same problem restart and now I have two EIS tray icons ! Both did not work
  17. Hello GT500 Thanks for your help. I have the problem on Saturday and Sunday ; today since 5 PM EIS Tray Icon works well whitout changing my configuration. I have disabled MBAM and uninstalled ZAM ; continuing to use only HMPA and EIS. I post the new FRST. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  18. Hello GT500 I apologize to continue with this issue. This Sunday I have more time to spend at home and I noticed the same problem with Emsisoft Tray Icon. I also noticed that there is not any pop-up notification (definitions updates, private life risks). I try to uninstall ZAM and HPA but this does not solve the problem Do you have an idea to help me ? Thanks.
  19. Hello Thanks GT500 for your help and explanations
  20. Hello Thanks GT500 You are right I have tested VoodooShield and Bitdefender and uninstalled it. How can I delete these remaining files ? Can you tell me if I'm right if I disable MBAM real-time and continue with Emsisoft Internet Security + Zemana + HitmanPro.Alert ?
  21. Hi GT500 I'm back to home One hour after booting my PC Emsisoft tray icon works well but I run FRST and I attach its logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  22. Hi GT500 Thanks for your help, I try to continue in English, it's a good training to improve my poor English language This issue occured Sunday on my home PC. I will be back at home this evening and I can post a FRST log. The issue don't exist on my professional PC.
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