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  1. Obligatory scan logs. scan_160516-150902.txt scan_160516-154439.txt Addition_16-05-2016_15-19-36.txt FRST_16-05-2016_15-19-36.txt
  2. Samples.zipHello, This Computer has been infected with the locky cryptolocker. I have exhausted google of decryption options and I am going to have to restore this system and the affected map drives from backup. Also, the .onion links all are blocked, they were blocked in under 1 hour from when the initial encryption occurred. Anyway, I am submitting some files for research. Attached should be a samples.zip file which contains the following. IG2ox.pdf is a pre-encrypted pdf document. 55F70BD69A793D92916AB87C4850D714.locky is the same pdf document- post encryption _HELP_instructio
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