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  1. Thank you, sir , for your help. I sent the logs as requested last night.( I forgot to copy the link to the post so I that was not included.) Recreating the issue only takes about 3 minutes, and I attempted and successfully connected one Internet dependent app during enabled Offline mode, and then sent the data. I hope that is sufficient I run an animal rescue, and things get crazy frequently, so I sometimes have trouble finding time do for this kinda stuff- so bear with me. I really appreciate your help. I have been contacted by email, and was advised to note that here>> so note
  2. EIS VERSION windows 10 home x64, all updates installed EIS , windows firewall as a service only, WinPatrol, WinPrivacy, WinAntiRansom, Spywareblaster. Installed but only run on occasion: Lavasoft Ad-Aware, malwareBytes antimalware . ( neither runs any processes in the background ) I understand from earlier posts that offline mode was broken, and i have been unable to locate any current info, but Offline mode is not working correctly for me. When I set 'enter Offline mode' initially it works fine, But then I get a series of three WLAN-AutoConfig errors. Errors are basi
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