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  1. thank you helping: i'm right that this file just eliminates the virus from the machine. we disconnected the computer from the network anyway. does the virus spread over the LAN as well or does the virus only operate from the one machine and destroys the files in the LAN ? will you ever be able to decrypt the files you think? shall we pay?
  2. would it help if i could offer a file ... crypted and decrypted ? i found one that the virus infected but didnt delete in time ...
  3. Hello my client just got infected with the locky virus .... unfortunately the mapped drives got infected and we need the data. since i assume that you cant decrypt the files yet ... can you tell me if we would get the key if we would pay the 4 BTC. we need the files. (i know about backups ... the server is safe, but it affected the NAS, and those files are mirrored but not backuped) pls let me know if you have any ideas thank you Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160528-164335.txt
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