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  1. Lets try getting a diagnostic log. Please download the following ZIP archive:


    When you open this ZIP archive, there will be a file inside called Emsisoft_Diagnostic. Just double click on that Emsisoft_Diagnostic file, and if a dialog pops up about the Windows Command Processor from Microsoft then please click the Yes button so that the diagnostic can continue.

    Please note that it is possible for the Behavior Blocker in Emsisoft Anti-Malware/Emsisoft Internet Security to display an alert when the diagnostic starts. This is due to the way it requests administrator rights, and is normal. You can safely allow it to run.

    When it's done, it will open a log in Notepad. Please save this log somewhere easy to find, such as on your Desktop or in your Documents folder, and then send it to me in a Private Message so that I can take a look at it.

    Important: Don't post the log publicly. It contains a copy of your a2settings.ini file, which contains encrypted license information. If someone were to figure out how to break that encryption, then someone else could use your license key.

    first Thank you for your interest 

    Now I've downloaded Emsisoft_Diagnostic. and it works now 

    We'll be in touch to follow everything new

    very thanks

  2. Thank you for your interest 
    I will continue with GT500


    Hi Ti HP,


    Thank you for your information.

    Have you ever had installed Emsisoft product on your machine?


    Could you please send a private message to GT500 I guess he'll be able to help you, and you get some replacement key  for testing.




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