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  1. Dear Kevin, Thanks for you info, how i can know if i was infected by locky or Autolocky? Thanks Best Regards
  2. Dear Mr. Kevin, thanks for your reply. The action proposed by you will decrypt the files locked? Or only remove the Virus? If the action proposed doesn't decrypt the files there is a way to do that? Thanks a lot Best Regards
  3. Dear Kevin, Thanks a lot for yoiur quick reply Please find attached the requested logs. I have updated also our profile because we don't work with win Xp but with win 2003 server edition Your quick reply is much appreciated Thanks in advance for your help from you and your team Best Regards (sorry for our english) Addition_01-06-2016_08-38-14.txt FRST_01-06-2016_08-38-14.txt
  4. Hello everyone, We are a company and our system now it's decrypted with .locky files. I have tried to follo yur instruction but i have noticed that Emisoft Emergency Kit doesn't work with windows xp. How i can do? Thanks a lot Best Regards
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