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  1. I thought so. I'll consider this closed then. Thanks for the help.
  2. Update: I'm currently running an offline with the hard drive in my pc that has Emsisoft antimalware on it found this. F:\Program Files\Uniblue\DriverScanner\unins000.exe Application.AdSpeed (A) [285390] I've also completed a chkdsk on the drive. No errors. I suspect it could be the windows installation rather then an infection.
  3. HI, Currently downloading a new copy of EEK. I've also realised I've forgotten to attach the JRT log in my first post. I've extracted EEK and the same error appears. I'm going to run a chkdsk on this drive in the mean time. JRT.txt
  4. Hi, I was asked to have a look at a computer that running slow and that wouldn't run malwarebytes. So I started off with running Junk removal tool and it removed quite a lot of junk from the machine. I then downloaded EEK which brought the error in the attached image then when it does eventually load when i click scan after the update the scan takes around 2-5 seconds. the hard drive has about 20 gigs worth of data on it. Something just doesn't seem right and i can't pin point it. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_170216-121819.txt
  5. Thanks for the help GT500. I'll considering this resolved as the issue is due to my own doing unintentionally.
  6. Thanks. I did used to use an enclosure but it was too slow for my speed needs to backing up a my data. Would a USB 3 PCie card with a USB 3 enclosure work?
  7. This could explain it. The computer I run the anti malware on certain days can have up to 5 different hard drives plugged in as a slave when i'm backing up data. e.g c:\ (windows) on sata e:\ (3TB back up driv) on sata i have spare sata lead which I swap betwen the dvd drive and the hard drives i'm backing up from Normally when the chance licence window pops up it has my details in and i just press next. So I just switched the computer back on after removing a Drive i've just backed up, the change license just pop up and hit next and it seems to be working fine. Will I run in to problems down the line if i keep doing this?
  8. I've just turned my computer back on after fitting another hard drive. This is what it kept popping up with previously, This is even after following your instructions.
  9. Following your instructions has appeared to resolve the problem. It's now updating and showing me the news pop ups from the system tray. I shall keep an eye on it. Thank GT500
  10. Hi, My licence which has been working fine since I purchased the program has been asking for product code for about the last 2-3 weeks. Some times it picks up by its self and shows the correct remaining time, others it just sticks on 30 day trial. I've tried re-entering my key and restarting the computer with no success. It now seems to be stuck on a permanent 30 day trial. Windows version: Windows 10 Home (32 bit) Security products: Emsisoft Anti malware version AdGuard (came bundled as an offer when purchasing Antimalware) From the licence management page. I've removed my key from this for obvious reason. Product License key Computer name Last Update Number License start License end Anti-Malware XXXXXXXXX USER-PC 6/3/2016 12:28 PM 1 11/4/2015 8/22/2019