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  1. I just copied the user data to an external device, pc has been completely formatted and windows and all software reinstalled. All well now. Thread can be closed Thank you again
  2. Thank you for your time and effort, i found a recent hidden drive image of this pc and was able to retrieve all the user data. I hope the submitted files may be of help to someone else with a similar situation.
  3. Thank You, i have run conbofix, jrt and adware remover while awaiting your reply , and also removed some infections, herewith atached encrypted file, clean file , email , and zip atachment of email containing a javascript file which i believe to be the dropper.had to add .txt extension to crypted and msg file to upload FedEx_ID_0000593301.zip Fixlog.txt PURCHASER FIA.pdf PURCHASER FIA.pdf.crypted.txt Unable to deliver your item #0000593301.msg.txt
  4. A client's pc has become infected with a nemucod variant, pc has now been isolated , instructions followed for logs that has been attached, i can provide a document from the same pc .crypted and clean , can also provide the suspected email with attachment that infected the pc. I tried the nemucod decryptor, dosnt seem to work in this case. If you could have a look and see if there is any way to recover the data, please. Addition.txtFRST.txtscan_160609-115101.txt
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