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  1. So I guess I will stick to that one as well. Do you know and/or could recommend any legitmate and safe browser add-on with said feature. I would prefer to rely on experts knowledge rather than some forum guys Thanks for your responds!
  2. Thank you very much for your answer! It answered pretty much all my questions. So basically, as long as I don't click any unknown links, download suspicious files or someone with bad intentions find a day zero exploit I should be fine. I have very last question. I've done some research how to disable links in a browser to avoid misclicks or annoying adnotations on Youtube and what I found were temporary solutions or browser add ons. Is there any other way to disable them? I mean system configuration or something with browser settings ( google chrome solution would fit me best).
  3. Thanks for quick respond! So technically it is possible to contain malicious code in a picture which , when opened in said envoirment, executes ( the code) and can infect your machine without utilizing exploit in the said page? Then, if we just surf potential malicious user profil ( with malicious photos) and we do not open any, is there still possibility of being infected? As you said, the time gap before detecting such user must be relatively small, because I'have never been infected that way ( or atleast i don't know about it). Trying to dodge suspicious profiles looks like a good so
  4. Ahh. You're right. I gave it a second thought and my posts are quite pointless. My bad. It's probably impossible to answer this question, because hackers would use an exploit in the page code ( twitter,facebook, etc) that could allow the picture, video execute and infect the machine. I guess devs won't tell us if it is possible or not, because if they had found an exploit in the page they would have probably informed proper company and it would have been fixed by now. If I am wrong I would be really grateful for reply. If the exploit is known only to hacker/hackers we won't know about it and s
  5. Thanks for reply! I would be really gratefull if it's as you say. I've read that it ispossible to contain malicious file in a picture but i wonder if it would execute when opened in twitter\facebook envoirment. Or do we have to download picture and it executes only then? Personally I've only encountered malicious picture in google graphics. Said picture transfered me to unknown site which tried to download suspicious files. I still wonder if it's possible that malicious picture could execute in twitter, facebook envoirment. I've heard that taking screenshoots is 100% safe method of 'downl
  6. Hi! I've started this topic to ensure if surfing those sites is secure ( as long as i don't click any links that take me to unknown websites). Let's start with youtube. Everyone can upload videos, so there are surely hackers that do so. Is it possible to add malicious code to the said video, which executes and infects your machine when starting to watch it in YouTube envoirment? Twitter and Facebook. We exclude infection from entering unknown sites by links, downloading unknown files. Is it possible to be infected there by opening photos, videos and gifs? The last one is googl
  7. Thanks for all responds. That's actually the most likely possibility that it was false positive. Thanks again and i guess this topic is already locked :-)
  8. Acutally i have already done so. Tried updating again and nothing occured this time. But i'm quite curious what was the reason of that occurance. If it was false-positive i think it would be detected once again but it wasn't... And still you say you don't have the said extenction which was:cevakrnl.rv0.diff It's quite strange acutally. Still i don't think it could have been done by any kind of malicious software ( my pc was scanned by hitman, eek, malwarebtes , mse just before and only website i visited since was YT but after that visit i scanned my pc with hitman) So i have no idea. So by al
  9. Oh sorry.. Acutally it is 11. What i looked at was file version... So what about restoring it, any logs?
  10. Fine. I will try updating the software once more time, and if it will be deleted, i will turon off microsoft security essentials and provide you with the said file. Thanks for your assistance. And what about allwoing it to run, will it resotre it? . Acutally it is Emsisoft version @Update. I have tried updating software one more time and nothing went wrong this time. No idea why it was wrong before. So what about restroing this file for further tests?
  11. Well the file itself was deleted by the MSE. I can only allow the software to run but i have no idea if it will do and restore the file. Let me know if it can be restored that way and not cause any further harm. I guess that you can rearrange the occureance simply by updating the software and looking for file cevakrnl.rv0.diff in the signatures folder. Well it shouldn't be hijacked by any kind of software beacuse my pc was clean in 99% percent before ( scanned with hitman pro ( early warning, default) MSE, EEK, Malwarebytes, furthermore any unknown pages weren't visited for atleast one mont
  12. I am using EEK version 10. Today at 15:11 ( polish timezone) I started signatures update. Everything was fine until my antivirus( microsoft security essentials) automatically deleted virus( real time protection). It appeared werid beacuse I have scanned my PC with hitman pro, MSE and malwarebytes today before and no softwares were run since. Malwarebytes is free version ( no real time protection) and MSE has real time protection. Hitman pro is quite obvious ( both normal scan and early warning scoring were run). My MSE detected virus which location was: file:C:\Users\Adam\AppData\Local\Temp
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