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  1. Given i have had no constructive updates on v12 bug reports and v12 feels like a regression to me, is it possible to use v11 still? Right now I am in the situation where I have paid for a product, the days are ticking down on my license and I feel as if my bug reports are not been actioned on.
  2. Then you need to make changes so it errors cleanly, something like "We do not accept anything but small tiny files, please upload to a third party instead". Instead of a box that just sits forever. I had to reboot my PC as I couldnt stop the upload freeze.
  3. Your answer makes no sense. As I said please reread my first post, but I will explain again. If I start a whitelisted app "after" emsisoft is launched it says "no" for monitoring. Your answer claims that is wrong. If I start emsisoft "after" a whitelisted app then it says yes for monitoring. In addition its easy to know because I can test with hwinfo64 (remember that one?) and it has the pause issue unless monitoring says "no". I hope you have just been misinformed because I feel like you just tried to brush this under the carpet by pretending this is how it is supposed to work. Or perhaps someone told you that to misinform you, I dont know, but either way it is currently broken. Everything I see shows that the reported monitoring status is correct, the issue is the same bug I reported several months ago which is that emsisoft when starting up does not check existing running processes for whitelisting.
  4. I been in dialog with one of the developers, its been looked into now. I am verifying by looking at the behaviour blocker section where it says yes or no for monitoring status.
  5. still like this after another couple of hours If I manually scan the file with emsisoft it comes up as clean, so it seems it is not easy to repeat.
  6. I am trying to send the file via the send email box, but its stuck on compressing files for the last 40 minutes and is no way to abort. I couldnt submit via the way I expected as it always said file was in use even with browser shutdown.
  7. After I shut down cyberfox I will hit the report false positive button, it wont let me send whilst its still running.
  8. Please reread my post. It seems I am going to have the same tough time getting this fixed again.
  9. here is the worst one - trojan.agent.byvv (
  10. confirmed is exact same bug, if I launch apps "after" emisosft launches they not monitored, wow. I would assume any fixes would be applied to all branches of software but I guess not, I hope I do not need to through the full report and debug process again. With dwm.exe I couldnt confirm as when I restarted that process it doesnt appear at all in the behaviour blocker which means its actually behaving worse than v11 did originally, but when I restarted hwinfo it reappeared and not monitored. Also with v11 one could exclude only from behaviour blocker or file scanning individually, but in this version it seems the control is reduced only been able to exclude from both or neither. --edit-- dwm is in the process list now and like hwinfo not monitored, so the bug is back that I reported several months ago and was fixed in v11.
  11. dont they port fixes over? see the thread i just made also.
  12. My monitoring whitelist in v12 is not working, e.g. I whitelisted dwm.exe and is monitored by the behaviour blocker. Likewise my lag is back again on hwinfo a program slowed down by the monitoring. Can you please fix this. I am worried the facility to disable monitoring has been removed as the tooltip says its only a whitelist for realtime signature scanning which would mean the app has been downgraded (dumbed down), I hope this is not the case.
  13. Hi guys, I can confirm this is fixed, glad we got there in the end
  14. ok the good news is I have managed to restart the emisoft protection service using your procedure. the bad news is that it doesnt fix anything, everything in my whitelist is monitored unless I shut them down and relaunch "after" emisoft is already running.
  15. yes its sent and I been in dialogue over email with david biggar. The updates issue is already verified and put in dev's inbox.
  16. I got hopeful after you posted the guide to workaround the issue, but seems the service cannot be stopped and started again, the options are greylisted.
  17. By lucky coincidence it got stuck whilst doing the hwinfo64 tests, so I put in the report the log covers both problems. It is still stuck now probably until I reboot.
  18. I just tried but seems on the delayed version this doesnt work, instead it takes me to a webpage. If this only works on the stable version I will update to stable, do the steps and then downgrade to delayed again, but it will be a bit later. --edit-- need a reboot to switch to stable, and I got a workflow going at the moment so will be this evening I send the info.
  19. ok thanks, will do this by the end of the day.
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