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  1. thats awesome news would that be a new product or an addition to Emsisoft AM?
  2. not sure if this is the right place to ask, but any chance you guys at Emsisoft will create a full on suite with a firewall built in?
  3. so i emailed the guys at Ad Muncher and they say they dont have any record of an email from Emsisoft, they said you should try to contact them again
  4. ok thanks, i have just contacted Ad Muncher about it, hopefully i hear back from them soon.
  5. so is there any possibility that this conflict between Mamutu and Ad Muncher can be fixed? otherwise i guess i will have to remove Mamutu again
  6. disabling ad muncher does seem to have made the crashing in those programs go away, but im still wondering abut the headset to laptop speaker audio switching issue EDIT: i had to go into device manager and retweak my sound settings to get it to switch audio on its own again so its all working now. but its strange that installing Mamutu did that
  7. its also creating issues with my laptops audio switching, like when switching between my USB headset (SteelSeries 7H USB) and the laptops speakers, it wont switch on its own ever since installing Mamutu (like when i unplug the headphones the speakers would start working but with Mamutu now they do not)
  8. hmm since u mention admuncher i will add that i do use admuncher (i just didnt figure it would be an application that wuld cause this kind of problem)
  9. i use windows 7 x64, have avast internet security and winpatrol. but now im noticing this with more programs as well, ventrilo crashes as does puran defrag when i try to update it. but once i exclude them they work fine.
  10. i started using mamutu again and it causes peerblock to have an error popup during update and curseclient just crashes. excluding peerblock from protection makes the error go away and lets the uodate finish. heres a link to the Curse Client:
  11. im on win7 32bit and under he Popup options in A2 i have all the boxes checked to alert.