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  1. I noticed there was an upgrade today so I installed the upgrade and the problem seems to have gone away as I no longer get any notification messages of there being a resource problem Fred
  2. Hi... Here are the logs from the scan FRST.txtAddition.txtHere are the attached FRST files
  3. Hi The first option did not fix the problem so I ran the FRST scan and am attaching the logs
  4. Hello When I upgraded to Windows 10 I encountered a problem with what appears to be a file guard Attached is the screenshot image
  5. Hi....I attempted to re-run the scan but I get a strange message when I run the emergency starter kit indicating that I am starting the program froma read only drive. and must disable the write protection feature . I'v looked everywhere to see where this setting might be with no luck. I make changes in the Admin section and no difference in the result . I get the same message
  6. Fixlog.txtJRT12.txt Hi I performed the instructions without any problems except with the Adware cleaner . I performed a scan operation which worked fine but then when hitting the clean button the program would not respond. It would hang up my computer and I had to reboot . I then performed the other steps as requested and am attaching the files requested
  7. attaching logs scan_160620-081011.txt FRST_01-08-2015_12-34-23.txt Addition_01-08-2015_12-34-22.txt