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  1. Interesting. Ok, I'm at home and will give another shot at reproducing I may have botched something somewhere. EDIT: Ok, I've sent firewall logs a minute ago when attempted (and connected) to my laptop from iPad. Thank you. Alex.
  2. Arthur, I was juust about to send your team the logs however could not replicate the issue as RDP started to work again. I safely suspect issue gotten solved with today's (06/23/2016) update. Apologies for the delay as I could not replicate the issue without being physically at home as replicating the issue would screw RDP. Please confirm tho successful resolution when get a moment. Eager to turn off Windows firewall heh. With best regards. Alex.
  3. Arthur, I've done as you've instructed. Still no luck. (i've reset firewall settings and in TCP/UDP rules i've taken out 3389 out of the list of the ports to be blocked. I believe that done the trick last time i've set it up some months ago) Please advice. Thank you. Alex.
  4. Greetings EMSISOFT, About few hours ago id say around 5 p.m. EST 06/21/2016 i've noticed a message from internet security software during RDP session to reboot windows 10 as there has been some sort of update requiring reboot, I've proceeded and rebooted my laptop. Immediately after reboot i was unable to access windows 10 on my laptop. I've came home from work and checked things up. I tried to connect from external and internal network, RDP just refused to work. Then i took drastic action and turned off firewall completely. RDP started working without any issues. Then i turned firewall on and RDP stopped working. Please note that my RDP was working with emsisoft for quite a while, 3389 has been "plugged" into firewall rules for quite a while. Id say definitely a few months if not longer. Then i decided to proceed with equally drastic action and turned off everything in firewall short of disabling checkbox that turns firewall on/off. All rules set to allow, network switched to private e.t.c. Essentially i've attempted to relax firewall as much as i can without turning it off completely. RDP still would not work. I would be very grateful if your team could please take a look at your earliest convenience. Greatly appreciate your time and efforts. Alex.
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