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  1. Hi, same issue here, thanks for working on it, I believe in you guys, you are doing a great work! Thanks for the workaround. Tician
  2. Hi there, System: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit - latest version Emsisoft Anti-Malware Verison 10.002.392 - also Updates itself There are no other Anti-Malware Programs running. Alright so here is the thing: Today I noticed that the only video-player that can play the videos I ahve (MPH-HC) directly crashes as soon as I try to open any of the video-files. The player did not change, so why do I think it is Emsis fault? Well look at this picture I took: It is pointing to a library file from Emsisoft. Any ideas how this is happening? I don't see Emsi blocking anyt
  3. Thank you! I guess that should help, never noticed that tab
  4. I really don't want to turn this Gamemode on every single day. This happened after 3 hours of playing - suddenly. It makes me sad, I don't want to use FullScreen on it
  5. Hi there, I am using Emsisoft Anti-Malware nearly since a year and I am planning on keeping it because I like the good work you guys did with it. So far there are two things that bother me a bit, I am not sure if you can do something about it, but I feel like I should at least mention it. First of all a recent issue I had (today): I started my PC and it showed me that Emsisoft made an Update, but it wasn't the green Emsi-Icon I am used to I had the yellow/orange one with the exclamation mark in it. Also my Windows told me to activate my Security Software - and believe me I tried -
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