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  1. Hi, same issue here, thanks for working on it, I believe in you guys, you are doing a great work! Thanks for the workaround. Tician
  2. Hi there, System: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit - latest version Emsisoft Anti-Malware Verison 10.002.392 - also Updates itself There are no other Anti-Malware Programs running. Alright so here is the thing: Today I noticed that the only video-player that can play the videos I ahve (MPH-HC) directly crashes as soon as I try to open any of the video-files. The player did not change, so why do I think it is Emsis fault? Well look at this picture I took: It is pointing to a library file from Emsisoft. Any ideas how this is happening? I don't see Emsi blocking anything, also it doesn't detect something. Just some weeks ago everything was running fine. Hope you can help me Tician
  3. Thank you! I guess that should help, never noticed that tab
  4. I really don't want to turn this Gamemode on every single day. This happened after 3 hours of playing - suddenly. It makes me sad, I don't want to use FullScreen on it
  5. Hi there, I am using Emsisoft Anti-Malware nearly since a year and I am planning on keeping it because I like the good work you guys did with it. So far there are two things that bother me a bit, I am not sure if you can do something about it, but I feel like I should at least mention it. First of all a recent issue I had (today): I started my PC and it showed me that Emsisoft made an Update, but it wasn't the green Emsi-Icon I am used to I had the yellow/orange one with the exclamation mark in it. Also my Windows told me to activate my Security Software - and believe me I tried - it didn't work. I noticed I couldn't start anything. No Internet-Browser, no exe-file and when I wanted to restart rhe PC it didn't even let me click on the "shutdown"-button in the windows-menu. I tried opening a command as administrator but not even that was working and my whole PC just hang up, I was able to move the mouse but well... that's it. After making a cold restart everything was fine again and Emsi told me again that it made an update. I am pretty sure I have no malicious software on my PC so I wonder if it was just my Windows fu****** up the start or if it was the update of Emsisoft? In the log of the updates it just shows me one update for today. So the second thing is about me liking to play Online Games. There is a nice meme-picture that says "I hope that one day my mom will finally understand that Online Games can't be paused". Emsisoft doesn't know that I can understand and eppreciate it that a file is paused (or however you do this) when I try to execute it and Emsi pops up and asks me about user-settings (You know, the window where you can either block something or let the program run once/always) and after I made the setting it unpauses the program and normally it runs then - or asks 3 times about different files. That is really fine when it happens after I update a game and want to start it - but not in the middle of the game. I noticed that in Warcraft III, DotA and Dragon's Prophet. As I said you can't pause Online Games because you play it with other people so the games are just crashing which is very inconvenient. I don't know why it happens in the middle of the games because 98% of the time it asks me before I completely start the game. Is there a way to prevent that? I know that I just said I have 2 things to mention but here is a third very small one about a false positive detection: The application is called "Discord" and is a chat/voice chat application especially for gamer. It has an own function of uploading files but the links to the files (which you can open in the browser) are automatically blocked at first, I had to manually unblock it in the surf-protection tab. The host name is "cdn.discordapp.com", one of the detected files/links looks like this: 29.05.2016 01:33:35 2512 C:\Users\Tician\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.290\Discord.exe Von Regel geblockt cdn.discordapp.com Else than that I am really happy with Emsisoft, keep up the good work (and ignore my mistakes, english is not my mother language )! Tician
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