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  1. For what it's worth, my EAM had trouble updating yesterday as well (and I'm in a different time zone.) It timed out several times while "initializing". Seems to work OK today.
  2. I just got the stable update. The GUI now works once again. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the quick update. Unfortunately I can't do any of that with the blank window that I'm getting. Is there a place I can download the beta and install it from scratch?
  4. Also blank white screen here. Acer netbook with Win7 home basic. I reinstalled and the "security center" window still comes up blank. Obviously I can't do any settings whatsoever.
  5. After the recent update to 7424 my Windows 7 machines won't talk to each other unless I disable the firewall. (This seems similar to a bug from about a year ago.)
  6. Yes, they're set to "home network" (if that's what you're asking.) Not "work" or "public". They're sharing a local router.
  7. It didn't work. I reset global firewall rules and then refreshed the "network" screen of windows explorer. The two computers couldn't even see each other (they showed only themselves.) Disabling the firewall (or just "pausing" protection) caused the network to be visible again (after doing a refresh).
  8. Got the new EIS update this morning and suddenly the computers on my home network won't talk to each other. (Win7 x64 home premium and win7 x86 home basic on a netbook). After a frustrating hour I eventually did the following: Completely uninstall EIS from both computers. Re-establish my homegroup configurations and ensure they were working Re-install EIS on both computers. Both computers again stopped talking to each other. It seems the firewall is to blame. If I disable the firewall on both computers then they are able to access each other. I can live with this for the time being but it's inconvenient everytime I want to move files around. I'd appreciate a recommendation for firewall settings to solve the problem. Even better - fix the default behaviour to work as it did before.
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