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  1. The only thing I turned off was file monitor, and behavior blocker, all other things were left working. And yes, I've already installed the April 2018 update.
  2. Yes, I had EAM 2018.4 as I did the update 2 days ago. In my case EAM did allow the installation of updates before reboot and then my computer was stuck at 94 percents for around 4 hours, until I had to force a rollback and update again with EAM protection being turned off.
  3. Erm, I tried to update with EAM online, but after the restart the updates could not be finished. I had to roll back to previous version, turn off Emsisoft Anti-Malware and then to do an update via upgrade assistant. I have 2 PC's and this occurred only on laptop.
  4. Скачайте Emsiclean с этой страницы: Запустите от администратора. Отпишитесь если помогло.
  5. Morduus

    CLOSED Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.5.0.7538

    It started after I switched to the beta release canal and update the software to the version stated in the name topic. But again, everything seems to work now.
  6. Morduus

    CLOSED Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.5.0.7538

    Hm... strange. After starting the PC this morning, i've tried to re-produce the issue and the notification was also working just fine, In my humble opinion, I think it is somehow related to Windows 10 Creators Update, I had issues with nVidia drivers (with the version supposed to support the windows creators update), after a clean install and reboot it was solved. In this case a single restart did it too. Case can be locked.
  7. Morduus

    CLOSED Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.5.0.7538

    Value for realtime detections is 10 seconds. While in balanced mode - the popup shows up.
  8. Morduus

    CLOSED Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.5.0.7538

    The malware is being detected by bitdefender engine then being moved to quarantine. No notifications on the right side of detection.
  9. Good day! I would like to report a minor issue with this product's beta, the issue is that if a known malware is detected - the file is being moved to the quarantine without any notification, despite the function for detection notificiation being turned on. No game mode was enabled.
  10. Доброго дня! Удалось заметить следующее: При установке русской версии Emsisoft есть случаи когда всплывающие сообщения не переведены до конца. Иногда попадается сообщение об обнаружении которое тоже всплывает на английском языке - не всегда воспроизводится. Вопрос второй: Это так задумано что нельзя отправить файлы добавленные вручную в карантин на анализ в лабораторию или это баг? Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. С уважением.
  11. на последней бете вроде стабилизировалось.
  12. It can cause damage to videocard's performance. Also in my case is causing trouble with spiking the videocard's power requirements which is bad for computer's power supply.
  13. GT500, again thanks for keeping this issue up. Unfortunately i'm still staying on 11.0 version to avoid all this issue. I still have hopes for a complete fix to this issue, even every 60 seconds the videocard's lifespan getting much shorter.
  14. Morduus

    Emsisoft and Kaspersky

    Kaspersky is not very nice to some other products. For example I've been using Kaspersky Free and SpyShelter Firewall. Everything was working just fine until one day google chrome stopped working and was crashing on start. I figured the issue was Kaspersky. And using 2 antivirus software is a bad idea. Pick one of them and if you need a secondary scanner use Zemana instead of Malwarebytes.
  15. Anyway, I hope a solution will be found in a nearest future.