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  1. Thank you! I will give it a shot on the Windows 8.1 system I have now. I really appreciate the answer and the useful information about Windows 10 as well. This is exactly what I was hoping for, either a resolution or a hard statement about compatibility for a certain software config. I didnt think it could the answer was the 2 softwares could never work together because I've had a TON of systems they work just fine together on. Now I know not to use them on windows 10.
  2. We have made choices on past systems, we removed Emsisoft and installed Malwarebytes. I would like not to do that. I dont believe it is Kaspersky not playing nice with other software but more that Kaspersky and Emsisoft share some features. I know one of the scan engines Emsisoft employs is some form of the Kaspersky engine. So I believe it has less to do with a software "compatibility" than a software "collision" of some sort where the Kaspersky part of Emsisoft is fighting with the same function in Kaspersky. If I have to choose a software I will, but I am a curious person and am also interested in the cause and I was hoping for more than just a generic "Yup, you gotta do a clean install of windows, sorry" type of no help answer. Those type of answers are why I never post on forums. If there is anyone who has any suggestions or run into this before or would like to help me figure this out (which would be good for Emsisoft as well) I would be more than happy to listen/try stuff on the Test system I have here. Thanks
  3. I have installed Emsisoft AM and Kaspersky on 100's of machines running on Win 7/8/8.1/10 and every now and the I have an issue pop up. Both IE and Chrome will fail to open but Firefox works fine. IE and Chrome both fail immediately and give an error message "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000000d)". I know Chrome shares some settings with IE so it's not super surprising that Firefox works. This issue doesnt always happen right after install. I've had the system work fine for a week and then come back with the issue. I've also had installs work fine for 11 months before the system comes back in with the same error. If either Emsisoft or Kaspersky are uninstalled (so running just Emsisoft or just Kaspersky) the browsers work fine. Reinstalling which ever application I unistalled causes the issue to return. I have an example system I am working on right now that I have time to try and work this out and I am looking for help. Example system is running : Windows 8.1 64-bit Emsisoft Kaspersky© Until I updated the software I know this system was not running the most updated version of Kaspersky. I uninstalled both programs and reinstalled with the newest installers from both websites.
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